Did you see that Matchbox announced the Superfast 50th Anniversary Target Exclusives?

It appears that this year’s Matchbox Sapphire Gems were a hit.  A special subset of four models mixed into the basic range throughout the year.  Not necessarily chase models, but hard to fine nonetheless.

Well Matchbox is running with something similar in 2019.  2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of Superfast, and Matchbox is celebrating, with Target to be exact.  When Designer Abe Lugo was in Germany last weekend at the European Gathering of Friends, he unveiled the whole line of 6 50th Superfast models, all in gold, and all looking beautiful.  You can see them, along with Abe’s explanation, at about the 6-minute mark.

I have three sent to me by Mattel, and will preview them soon, and they are quite pretty.  Nice to hear the models that need VUM (chrome) are getting them, and that the 6×6 will be the more-premium version with interior.

Of course that is not all the Superfast in 2019.  A new premium opening parts set is coming as well.  “Superfast” is still the coolest term that has come from Matchbox, and it is nice to see it back.


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  1. “It appears that this year’s Matchbox Sapphire Gems were a hit.” Really with whom, i know many people in the good ole US of A that have never seen any, and in the UK, forget it, getting new models of any variety is a rare as hens teeth, and all the promises about getting distribution sorted, just smacks of lies, because nowhere within a 60 mile radius of my home has anything matchbox, even the massive ASDA stores are just restocking with cases from teh start of the year, and thats a joke, at the end of the day it is hurting Mattel’s bottom line, but they dont seem to be caring about that, in fact unless you are in the USA, they dont seem to care at all – At least with Majorette you can buy the models direct from them, i know, i just spent a small fortune on them, why can’t Mattel do the same, they would make far far more money if they did that – but they clearly have too much money already to worry about having more.

  2. “Not necessarily chase models, but hard to fine nonetheless.”

    All licensed matchbox are “hard to find.”

  3. I like matchbox but man it’s hard to fibd new stuff. Expect to see these new models to actually show up in stores half a year from release date. And the only indication that they were ever stocked will be when you see the fantasy peg warmers from that case still on the pegs. Worse distribution ever.

  4. As ever nothing to TARGET UK. Everything USA … Happy 65th, from home where every matchbox was made to be a chase model…….there is life over trumps wall!….65th For UK Exhibition Mbx.. FUKEM……show.

  5. I haven’t seen any sapphires ANYWHERE!!!! Again Target???? really? no one in that board room had the backbone to stand up and say “Why are we giving a line like this to a retailer that is not even going to give us a time of day with the regular line?” FRICKING BRILLIANT!!!!! The fact that last years models I had to buy from the dollar tree because no one stocked them. What is next? Oh yeah let’s do a line with Sears!!!!!! All the Brits are complaining and it ain’t much better here and I’m only 3 states away from California.

  6. MATCHBOX,MATTEL & TARGET has the worst logistics! As for Wal-Mart they aren’t any better. Here in the 614 Central Ohio HELP!!!! I refuse to pay 3.00 to 5.00 for a .97 casting. I can hope to find later in 2019 at Dollar Store or maybe Five Below or maybe a bunch will show up because of the holidays,only if I bet the “eBay Pirates”.

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