A Hot Wheels C10 Pickup that changes stance? Lambo with scissor doors? A 2019 RLC Preview with Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey.

There was a lot that came from the Hot Wheels Convention earlier this month.  I’ve shown the gorgeous Convention models, as well as Mattel’s 2019 Sneak Peak Presentation.  I have even shown several images and videos of the board Mattel brought with prototypes of upcoming models.  And there has been photos galore of those prototypes all over Instagram and Facebook.

But I don’t know if what is happening at the RLC has been properly conveyed to those that weren’t at the Convention.  It is actually quite phenomenal.  The models, like always, will be ultra-premium, but Mattel is taking another step forward into more detail and moving parts.  And even beyond that.

Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey, who is creating all the new tools for the RLC in 2019, was nice enough to walk us through what he is doing, including a truly innovative stance-shifting classic Chevy C10.  Let’s just say it has to be seen to be believed.

Here is the video I shot with Brendon late Saturday night after the Finale.  You will enjoy this:

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  1. I was going to let my RLC membership lapse next year, due mostly to the never-ending website issues when attempting to place an order.

    Two things are making me change my mind.

    Number 1 is these spectacular upcoming models.

    Number 2 is the way Mattel handled the recent sale of the Gas Monkey Econoline. One per customer, with enough produced to ensure you could buy one, even many days after the first on-sale date. FINALLY…fair access to all, before allowing the scalpers access to a second piece.

    On another note, John…and with all due respect and affection…you REALLY need to find a few more adjectives to use during your videos. You say “awesome” more often than a gaggle of teenage girls at a shopping mall!

    Again…with respect…😃

    Heck, you pronounce “Porsche” correctly these days, so I have every confidence you can fix your “awesome” quirk, too!


  2. I like em all. Cool video guys. Brendon That C10 with the switch on the bottom will be special. Would look even cooler with NEO’S. NEO’S on that Bad Boy will make it a true RLC carded Exclusive. Just a thought. I have been an RLC Member since 2004. Now the naysayers cannot say the Club is folding. I Never ever believed it would fold.Brendon I know that once you and Van finish the C10 it will be a masterpiece. Please keep up the great work.

  3. Hope they do that same Countach casting (minus the scissor doors since I know that’s premium only) for the mainline. The pace car is cool but the look of this one with the wing is awesome

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