Case Report: Matchbox 2018 M Case

Just as Hot Wheels begins 2019, Matchbox is closing down 2018.  Well, actually kind of closing down 2018.  Opening-parts models are coming, but I am not entirely sure if thy are considered 2018 or 2019 models.  All I know is they are awesome, and I will be previewing a few here shortly.

But I digress.  The final Matchbox Case of 2018 has arrived at Wheel Collectors, and as usual, they provided a play-by-play of its unboxing.  You can find the models at their store:

Matchbox 2018 M Case at Wheel Collectors


11 Replies to “Case Report: Matchbox 2018 M Case”

  1. Very nice case! Lots of classics and new castings in this one! I’ll definitely order a case online if I can. I say that because I haven’t found anything Matchbox in probably three months or so. I run into either empty pegs or old stock (typically C case or remnants of G case) I hope a new year also means new and improved distribution.

  2. Out of a full case of 24, there’s only 3 I can say are absolute “NO”s–and that’s the ATV 6×6, Road Raider, and the Sub Seeker. The Star of Life is the only reason I’ll be buying the Snow Thrasher (really why haven’t we had a LICENSED casting with it–maybe the new IH ambulance will). Everything else is good. The new wheels on the old, old Jeep casting (didn’t originate with Kidco?) make it look great!

  3. I don’t want to detract from the cool models we are seeing, but weren’t we also supposed to see the MAN TGS Dump Truck by now?

  4. The Green Ute Wagon is the Best Matchbox of the year. Super Cool Can’t wait to put some Real Riders on One

  5. Farewell to the 2018, You were great for the collectors, but 2019 will be even greater ! Can You imagine, i do 🙂

  6. This is a great case! Tons to look forward to, even a couple generics. I will always gobble up any INC-liveried vehicle, and it’s great to see more National Parks vehicles.

    HOWEVER…Matchbox, will you PLEASE knock it off with the aqua-tinted windows and gray plastic bases?!?! Doing an XK Roadster was a perfect opportunity to create a killer companion to the coupe version of 10+ year ago, but it’s ruined by three things: the gray plastic in place of VUM, the aqua windshield, and that god-awful wheel choice. No, those don’t look like wire wheels. It’s so frustrating to be just THAT close to greatness and then cock it up with silly color and wheel choices that could easily have been avoided. Save the cheaper plastic colors and dumb windshield tints for the generics please!

  7. Why? Why? Oh why only ASDA? Only D, E and 4 months of G….now back to D case!!! Of which UK started nationally….seeing these and how the brand is heading is not going to be for my eyes. Row and UK interest into once a normal available product , my blood is wearing thin…hotwheels cases stocked regular and cheaper of which it doesn’t do mbx any Justice.

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