Double Unboxing: Opening two Hot Wheels Kmart Cases from the October Event

So I think the Kmart Collector Day Event is October 20th.  But I am not entirely sure.  The event was supposed to be in September, when it typically is held, but for some reason was postponed to October.  Not that it matters to a lot of us.

Since many of us don’t have Kmarts close by, the more important date is when the cases go on sale online.  That was last week, and I bought two.  The arrived today, one QB and other QD.  I opened both, to see what differences there were.

Check it out:

3 Replies to “Double Unboxing: Opening two Hot Wheels Kmart Cases from the October Event”

  1. I was thinking about ordering a case online but after watching this, I’m glad I didn’t. Not missing much when it comes to content. Nothing strikes my fancy and I was hoping since the event was postponed a month late, it would contain A case cars with B case first-to-markets. Also, the exclusive colors aren’t that great. The best is the Aventador. Plus, a lot of these cars can be found in Walmart shippers, trays, and dump bins that have been out for a month.

  2. Awesome K-day cases unboxing video congrats.👍 There is a Kmart right down the street from me.👍 So I can’t wait for the hotwheels K-day event next Saturday.👍

  3. We got two QD mix cases, exactly the same. About 1/3 of the cards were damaged, and there really wasn’t anything great about the case. Really sucks because the only Q case shippers that hit within 100 miles were all destroyed right off the truck.

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