It is Hot Wheels Convention Week! Have a look at the Datsun 510 Wagon & Mercury Cyclone Gasser Exclusives

Folks are already there.  The gathering of Hot Wheels nerds has begun, and some have already arrived.  I have seen pics of rooms open, and it will just get busier and busier as the week progresses.  I’ll be there Thursday, camera in hand to pass along to Lamley Readers what I can.

So let’s start the week’s coverage with a Preview.  There are a million reasons to go to the Convention, and the models are one of them.  There are five Mattel-produced exclusives this year.  Two Convention Models, one Larry Wood Dinner Model, one RLC Party Model, and the Finale Model.  They are always done full premium, and are always highly desired.

I have four of the five with me now – I plan on getting my hands on the RLC Party model ASAP – and have put together showcases of each.  The Convention Models are first, as they are available as soon as the Convention starts, and I will showcase both the Dinner and Finale models as they are unveiled at the event.  So stay tuned.

But these Convention models.  One is an easy must-have because it’s the Datsun Wagon.  The other will be, as soon as collectors discover how amazing it is.  Because it is.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if Hot Wheels will make a major announcement at the convention about finally getting a sublicense for a certain Italian exotic sports car manufacturer that has been missing from the Hot Wheels lineup for the past nearly 4 years?

    If May Cheong is now sublicensing out Ferrari to competiting toy manufacturers like Tomy/Tomica, I don’t see why they wouldn’t also sublicense it to Mattel, unless May Cheong considers Hot Wheels more of a direct competitor than Tomica Limited Vintage, which caters to high end collectors. It’d be nice if Hot Wheels could put out at least a couple of Ferraris again, especially considering that I haven’t seen the May Cheong Bburago Ferraris at retail anywhere in Ottawa in ages.

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