The Matchbox 1985 Porsche 911 Rally Toy Fair model offers another glimpse into 2019.

How about this beauty?

Mattel’s Toy Fair is happening now.  Vendors from retail chains are at Mattel’s Design Center previewing 2019 product from all their brands, and that includes Matchbox and Hot Wheels.  Of course, for we collectors, “Toy Fair” can create confusion, making it sound like a toy show or convention.  It is, but not for the public.  And believe me, I’ve asked to attend to give folks a look at how the Toy Fair goes.  But considering much of this product is not ready for the public yet, I am still at home.

But we still get a small preview.  Brand Orange and brand Blue create a little swag for Toy Fair attendees to take home.  The Toy Fair models are a nice gift, but also a permanent example of what to expect from the brand.  And that is what the Matchbox Porsche 911 Rally is.  A preview of 2019.  And based on that, 2019 is going to be a fantastic year.


It’s a Porsche.  That’s significant.  It’s a 911 Rally.  That’s unique.  Matchbox unique.  And it’s beautifully done.  That’s a Matchbox staple too.  If this is an indicator of 2019 – and it is – this is going to be a fun year.

So yes, the secondary market is the only way to get this, and judging by what similar models have garnered – the MBX Toy Fair 6×6, the HW Toy Fair 934 – it won’t be cheap.  But the Porsche 911 Rally is coming to the Matchbox Mainline, and the Matchbox Team provided a pic:


Cool right?  Look up “Porsche 911 Rally” and you will see something similar.  And while the Toy Fair is tremendous, this 2019 release more than makes up for not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for the Toy Fair.

But let’s get back to said Toy Fair.  Matchbox continues with its burnt orange look, and now quite a family has emerged:


The 6×6 has been my favorite, but this Porsche might dethrone it.  All are great.  Of course, “Toy Fair Porsche” does conjure up another image:


That may be my favorite pair of all.

Still, the model is a good one, no matter what deco it sports.  This Toy Fair model arrived with a few other Matchbox for 2019, and I have to say, even knowing what was coming didn’t prepare me for how awesome these models are.  Previews coming, just know this Porsche is one of many gems coming next year.  As it was created to do, the Toy Fair is a great sign of what is coming.



6 Replies to “The Matchbox 1985 Porsche 911 Rally Toy Fair model offers another glimpse into 2019.”

  1. The “Rothmans” livery is epic! I can’t wait to find this in stores and see what else they do with this casting!!!

  2. On cars such as this Porsche , it would be good if “13” was on the bonnet. Some good vehicles in the past have suffered this cut back ” 2 part tampo” rule. The laughable orange Nissan rally with top print, with plain sides to normal release..and many more… Hw s don’t suffer this fate… “All over” on a toaster wheel thing….4 side tampo racing liveries. Oh well like many others, I ain’t going to see it…..

  3. What a beautiful Porsche 911 Rally! I would love to have this one in my collection, but I know I would not be able to justify the aftermarket price on it. But wow, does the mainline ever make up for it! I never thought I’d see a Rothmans livery on a Matchbox car. Here’s hoping I don’t have to rely on the secondary market for the mainline!

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