A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Hi-Po Hauler & Ford Econoline Pickup

Would you look at that.

Two years ago we had no Hot Wheels Econolines.  Now we have two.  I just wish Hot Wheels would do something other than JDM.  Oh wait.


Hot Wheels developed the Econoline for Pop Culture and Car Culture, and it has shown up in both, with a bonus 50th Favorites appearance.  It was while this model was being developed that Gas Monkey Garage proposed their own Econoline for their second collaboration.  So Designer Mark Jones’ files were moved over to Brendon Vetuskey, who designs the RLC models, and he started from scratch replicating the Hi-Po Hauler.

And now, finally, here we are.  The Car Culture/50th Faves is a surprising pegwarmer, a development I didn’t see coming, and the Hi-Po is hitting the RLC today.  Even with 12k made, I don’t think the Hi-Po will share the same fate as the Car Culture model.

And you don’t have to be a fan of Fast ‘N Loud or Gas Monkey Garage to want this model.  Case in point?  Me.  I am sure the Gas Monkey shop is rad, but these Discovery-produced car shows are definitely not my thing.  The first episode I watched was the episode on this model, and that was enough for me.  But thank goodness they exist, because without them we don’t get this gem of a Hot Wheels model.


I said on the video feature I did on this model that while the show isn’t my thing, beautiful Hot Wheels are, and this is beautiful.  No matter what your preference is when it comes to collecting, I think I can safely say you won’t regretting paying the $20 to get this.

Brendon Vetuskey not only created the Hot Wheels replica, but he worked on the actual car.  That means by gettin’ all up in in there with the real thing, and with an RLC budget, he was able to create all kinds of cool details in the replica.  I pointed out some in the video.  There are ton more to look for.

So maybe it is a Gas Monkey thing for you.  Cool.  For me, it is yet another beautiful RLC model.  There are a few of them, like:



Good luck today.  (And go get one of those pegwarming Econlines at the store, and save it for later.  You won’t regret it.)


11 Replies to “A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Hi-Po Hauler & Ford Econoline Pickup”

  1. I will watch the video but for me it’s the Econo with an engine in the bed. Not saying I wouldn’t like one but not a fan of RLC a member but not a fan!

    1. Some cool details but if they were expecting it to be sought after why not release it. so every collector has a shot to get it. I have to say surprised their putting a limit on it but expect to see individuals on IG with multiples in any case. All that said nice truck but I’ll stick to my original statement.

    1. It’s taken me over 30 minutes to get the thing in the cart. Now “Sorry, the card tokenization service is not available. Please try again later.”

  2. Scored 1 on my end. Very excited about the econline model. I think the Caballero deco is the best one so far. I agree with John that people will regret leaving this casting on the pegs.

    Transaction went smooth as silk on the hot wheels site. Logged in at 9, went striaght to add to cart, checked out. Done in less than 3 minutes. No time-outs or refreshing.

  3. They increased the number made to 12,000. They limited the number you could buy to 1. Good move many more members were able to get one. This one is a stunner

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