Hot Wheels teased its JDM lineup for 2019. Here is a look.

So sad I wasn’t at JCCS today.  Matchbox once again had a huge presence, and Hot Wheels brought out the goods with some JDM sneak peeks at the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth.

Lamley nerd car guru Jay Kho was there and got some shots.  Here they are.

What do you think?

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  1. YES! About time we got an updated NA Miata casting! Pretty sweet to see an R30 Super Silhouette as well, and the return of the 300ZX is long overdue (albeit, under a different brand, it seems). Lots to be excited for, it seems! Thanks for the coverage (and great shots, Jay)!

  2. Wow all of those new JDM hotwheels coming out are all awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

  3. That 300ZX is something to look forward to. Isn’t that a Custom 240Z in turquoise wearing classic wheels? Nice! Can’t wait to see the newly revised CRX.. true to life.
    Quite a few goodies to search out for .. should be interesting!

  4. I’m most excited for the first gen Mazda Miata and the new Honda Civic Type R! Sure the Honda gets a lot of hate for being too ricey but I just love the aggressive styling of both the standard Civic Hatchback and the Type R. This will go nicely with the Matchbox Honda Civic Hatchback. The new Nissan 300ZX looks promising but isn’t Matchbox making one next year as well? Also, in between the R32 Skyline and Civic Type R, is that another new Skyline? Hot Wheels loves their Skylines for sure! They had to have made almost all generations of the Skyline at this point!

  5. We’ve needed a 300ZX and NA Miata for a while now. There isn’t a single car here that I’m not excited for, and I’m not even a JDM fanboy. That blue City Turbo looks crisp as hell!

    1. The old NA and Z32 castings aren’t very good, the R32 is debatable (but not stock and not in scale with the other Skylines) and they’ve never had an EF8 CRX, only the first generation CR-X.

  6. I’ll be looking forward to that Group 5 R30. Hopefully the 442 Much casting will get some use again too.

    Lots here to look forward to, it’s like they’re steadily knocking off all the suggestions from the HWC forums.

  7. Wow! I’m really liking what I see here! I can’t wait for all the wonderful JDM goodness to come. The more stock clean looks the better. So glad to see new castings of the 1st gen Miata, 2nd gen CRX and the 300ZX. The Car Culture Mazda Group C racer and Nissan Z look fantastic. Of course there are the requisite Skyline/GT-Rs. On one hand a bit played out, on the other, I can’t wait to bring them home. Lovin’ the 2018 Civic Type-R. I’m not so fond of the wild paint jobs on the City Turbos or the 240Z, but otherwise a real nice batch of cars.

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