Tomica Limited Vintage continues its bid to take every penny from our pockets with the announcement of the January 2019 Release

Tomica Limited Vintage loves the 1-2 Punch:

Release an amazing batch of models one day, getting us nerds into a frenzy, and then cold-cock us from the other side with the announcement of a future release.  Then we all recover.  Or try to.

My September release is on its way from Japan Booster, full of RX-7s and 787B’s and Skylines and Tomicaramas.  I can’t wait.  I’ve called it a monthly visit from Santa, and it truly feels that way.

And then TLV drops these on its website, set for release in January 2019:

You know the first model.  That is the wildly-popular Nissan Atlas Hauler in its third color.  No need for me to mention how cool that is.  Whenever I show one of the first two, I get question after question asking what it is and where to get it.  Here is your chance to get one if you missed the first two.

The next pair?  Ohhhhhh, this is what has me going all blabbery for this batch.  That is the brand new 1969 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R.  The stock 4-door racing spec legend.

And to the tune of Small Worlds by the late great Mac Miller, “If you think we have too many Hakosukaaaaaaaaaas, well we don’t.”  A) We never will, and B) even if you think we do, we don’t have very many 4-doors.  TLV has done the stock street 4-door in several versions, but not the GT-R.  2019 marks the 50th anniversary of this car, so seeing it drop in January is most appropriate.  And I’m giddy.

And the third.  What a beautiful TLV surprise.  The first limo from the brand, the Nissan Prince Royal.  And Royal indeed.  With the true 1/64, this car will be long, and immaculately detailed.  I will let TOMY describe it, with a little help from Google Translate:

  ● The first domestic limousine for precious guests to be reproduced thoroughly ● Overall length about 96 mm and overwhelming size feeling ● TLV birth 15th anniversary commemoration model The former Prince car developed as Japan's first noble guest limousine, the prototype car at the 1966 Tokyo Motor Show Published Nissan Prince Royal.  The body is dignified with a total length of 6155 mm × total width of 2100 mm, developed exclusively for the installed 6.4 liter V 8-cylinder engine.  The interior which was supposed to be an eight seater including the auxiliary seat was partitioned by the partition in accordance with the limo style, and the rear seats used the highest grade wool, and widely appealed to the world the improvement of Japanese automobile technology standards.

I sense this will be a beautiful model.  I can’t wait to shoot it.

All of these will be available for pre-order at Japan Booster soon, so stay tuned.  I will be sure to let everyone know, because that Hauler will go fast.

And we still have to get through the rest of the loaded releases in 2018.  Yikes.

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