Super Showcase: Hot Wheels 2018 P Case Ford Escort RS1600 Super TH

14 of the 15 Supers (plus the bonus Ultimate Chase) have now been officially released.  Go through them, and I think it would be hard to say it HASN’T been a great year for Supers.  The time to review them all, and pick a best, will be here soon.  But collectively, they are great.

The Escort is no exception.  A great choice for a Super TH, and a great execution.  I’d always prefer a more stock look like the First Edition, but this one looks really nice.  Thanks to Mattel, here is a look as the P Case starts to hit:


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  1. Are you meaning that International P cases are starting to hit? I have yet to see anything for N case in the US, not even any posts from 30+ Facebook groups.

  2. And for clarification, the #14 is not related to the Escort being the 14th Super of the year. The Bone Shaker Ultimate Chase has a #15 on it. The red/orange regular Bone Shaker has a #7 on it, whereas the blue mainline is has a #3. The upcoming Q case Zamac F150 has a #13, whereas the mainline blue has $5. From all of these, I can only see that it would mean that there are a total of 15 releases for the 50th Anniversary Race Team series, including Zamacs (an possibly other store exclusives), the Super TH Escort, and the Ultimate Chase Bone Shaker.

    1. I stand corrected on the count of 15. Just saw the HW50 Concept (that was shown in development on the History Channel special) is #16. So…. we have seen the following so far:

      1 – Corvette Grand Sport Roadster
      2 – Rise N’ Climb
      3 – Bone Shaker (mainline, blue)
      4 – Fast Master
      5 – Ford F-150
      6 – Firebird T/A
      7 – Bone Shaker (mainline, red/orange)
      8 – Road Runner
      9 – Dune Daddy
      10 – Escort (mainline, blue)
      11 – Unknown
      12 – Unknown
      13 – Ford F-150 (Walmart Exclusive, Zamac)
      14 – Escort (Super TH)
      15 – Bone Shaker (Ultimate Chase)
      16 – HW50 Concept

  3. Awesome 1970 Ford escort RS1600 regular version and super treasure hunt version you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 I will be on the hunt for both of those.👍

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