The next Hot Wheels Convention model unveiled is a Datsun 510 Wagon

Hey Convention attendees, gonna snag this one?  See you on October.

7 Replies to “The next Hot Wheels Convention model unveiled is a Datsun 510 Wagon”

  1. That 1971 datsun bluebird 510 station wagon is awesome. But I won’t be at the convention. So I won’t be able to get one. And I don’t buy online. So I won’t be getting one.

  2. I am at a point where all I collect are Japanese cars. I’ve traveled to Japan twice and brought back suitcases full of diecast. I am anxiously awaiting the R33 Skyline to become available for sale in the US. And I will still be buying Japanese cars long after the hordes have moved on to the next craze.

    Maybe ease up on this casting for a bit. It’s the first time I’ve seen it previewed and rather than get excited I rolled my eyes and thought “again?”

  3. My sentiments are about the same with others, 510 wagon is way overplayed I like JDM and it is one of my favorite castings, but there are plenty other great ones. Especially with that subpar tampo. What about Skyline wagon? Nissan Laurel? C220? R33?30? New Odyssey? They don’t get love?

  4. I think there are way too much datsun recently….
    While there are a lot of datsun hotwheels released, there’s way mooreee scalper out there hunting for these stuff in my country….
    Making me almost puke when i’m seeing the peg at the toy store in my country lol…..
    Nice casting for this one though….

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