How high will this go? Hot Wheels RLC Candy Striper Gasser #0001

Can you guess?  Considering a carded Candy Striper of any number commands $600-$700, what will this require to own?

Hot Wheels RLC Candy Striper Bel Air Gasser 0001/4000

Throw your number below.  This will be fun to watch.

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  1. What is the perceived value here? There are tons of 5000 count RLC cars out there. And Gassers are cool…but is that all there is too it?

  2. Well it’s at $5,201 right now…I wouldn’t have believed it before, but I think this might crack 5 figures…you can count me among the “huh?” crowd on this. There’s no rationality behind this. I understand that #1 of any limited production collectible will command more money, but seriously…

      1. It will be old. It will be a base model. It won’t be pristine. But yeah, you can find it if you know where to look. I’ve seen a few sell for under 10k.

  3. If I could get that for my loose one I believe I would give it up. This is insane. Do some people really have this much money lying around. Car is not numbered only a sticker randomly placed on the back of the card that has nothing to do with it being the first one off the assembly line. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great looking car but the finish sucks compared to say the Selections Gassa Nova. Just my two cents.

  4. The thing is, it’s a psychological thing. Collectors and enthusiasts want to get their hands on either the first or last die-cast car (usually the first) that came off the assembly line.

  5. That’s what I’m saying, that sticker means nothing. It’s randomly placed on the cards and has nothing to do with being the first one made.

    1. Trent I keep most of yours, but when you make comments that don’t add to the discussion, and frankly don’t reflect well on you, I delete them. I am protecting you, my friend. Think about what you type before you post it.

  6. Question is… the person who put in the last bid will either be a bilker and/or a player OR they’re actually going to want this, so they must have 0001! Stay tuned cause it’s gettin real!

  7. There are people in this hobby financially secure enough to drop thousands of dollars on a single toy car who will not notice a dip in their savings account. What I find truly insane is the people living paycheck to paycheck who collect toys, or anything else that will likely not help them financially.

  8. The fun of this hobby is to find it YOURSELF, and not to buy it from someone else unless sold at a reasonable price. Obviously the one that has the most money will get it just like they can with a new exotic car, castle, ship or a plane. Who cares? It’s bragging rights is what it is and that’s not really cool for me personally. I don’t brag with what I have, but will show if someone asks. Will he walk around with it at the mall?. I’m not hating, but people are dying out there, and there are some that will pay thousands of dollars for a toy. After all it is a toy. Good luck. Hate to see it end up in a dumpster or left neglected at that price point.

  9. the real wonder is if the auction will actually end with a winning bidder or some scam artist who falsely bids and walks away not paying??? Lets see

  10. some one told me that to get a one of whatever , you would have to know someone at mattel…but i received number 1 of the real rider datsun bluebird 510 i wonder if people would go crazy for that?…

  11. $15,500 and 12 hours to go – anyone, and i mean anyone that has that sort of money to throw away on a diecast car, is STUPID, plain and simple, it wont be worth anywhere near that in a few years time, as we all know, prices always go stupid on eBay, and then within a few months they drop to sensible levels, just look at the STH Audi Avant, even though it is Number 1, it STILL wont ever command that money again………

    1. well it turns out the bidders were just antagonizing the seller…as soon as it ended the winner cancelled on him…

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