Just Unveiled: Matchbox Gathering Datsun 510 Dealer Model & Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350 Dinner Model

Here they are.


Attendees at the 2018 Matchbox Gathering of Friends were just given their Dinner Model (with some getting the early registrant variation), and soon after Jim Gallegos unveiled the Dealer Model.  Jim was kind enough to allow me to photograph the models beforehand, so you are getting a look along with everyone here.

The Dealer Model, given to those who purchased table space at the Toy Show tomorrow, is the 1970 Datsun 510 Rally.  The Dinner Model, given to those attending tonight’s dinner presentation, is the Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350.  And, as always, the first 75 folks to register for the dinner earlier this year are given a special 1-of-75 variant.  This year’s variant is an unpainted zamac version.

There is a lot to these models, and Jim has peppered them with all kinds of references.  I will let him explain them all.  I will do my job and take some pics.  Like last year, the decos on both models share the same thing, this time an homage to the earliest Matchbox logo.

Enjoy the pics:


1970 Datsun 510 Rally Dealer Model:

IMG_2717IMG_2720 2IMG_2722IMG_2725IMG_2727IMG_2724IMG_2729IMG_2730IMG_2731IMG_2733

Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350 Dinner Model and 1/75 Early Registrant Variant:

IMG_2668IMG_2656IMG_2661IMG_2665IMG_2705 2IMG_2703 2IMG_2687IMG_2689IMG_2691IMG_2697IMG_2671IMG_2674IMG_2680IMG_2681IMG_2682IMG_2685IMG_2683IMG_2711IMG_2707IMG_2706IMG_2709IMG_2714



8 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Matchbox Gathering Datsun 510 Dealer Model & Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350 Dinner Model”

  1. Agreed with Carlos. Tacky. Hot Wheels infused and not in a good way.

    Definitely significantly worse than the lowest ranking one in the recent Lamley showcase.

  2. I love the deco tip of the hat to the past era logo but think it would have looked better in enamel vs Spectraflame. That is like putting “Plum Crazy” on a Chevy Camaro…just don’t seem right!

  3. Hard act to follow after last years models . I usually go after these but I might pass this year unless the price is extremely reasonable , and even then probably just the Datsun .

  4. Is there a Matchbox site like HWC to keep track of news and upcoming releases? I’m in for the 510 if there’s one available out there somewhere 😉

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