The Hot Wheels Dream Team has been showing off, Gasser style.

If you haven’t seen the latest sneaks from the Hot Wheels Design Team, aka the @hotwheelsdreamteam, be warned that they are a bit gassy.

Two from the upcoming Car Culture Dragstrip Demons line, and two from the 50th Favorites line.  It is nice to see the TRU Exclusive has been reassigned to Kroger.

Glad to see them all coming.

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  1. Wow all of those new Chevy gasser ‘s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all 4 of those.👍

  2. Yes back to the real HWs! Not that I don’t like JDM. I have said on multiple occasions that the JDM movement has won me over. I have also reminded this blog this is HWs roots. I’d love to see more mainline first editions of the gassers and also hot rods. It’s the heritage of HWs in many ways and also the US! Not taking anything away from any other country but racing overblown cars is as American as applepie and Chevrolet. So keep them coming there’s a reason they don’t stay on the pegs!

    1. Gassers are every bit overdone as JDM nowadays. But it is what it is, they’re selling high on the secondary so everybody and their brother is buying and selling both like crazy. The hard part nowadays is getting something other than JDM or Gasser!

  3. Hands down, Dragstrip Demons is the best series out there (IMO) and I am so stoked to see it return. The castings, the liveries, the detail…what is not to like. If these models are any indication of what is to come, I am really excited to see what is next. Series like this are what keep me collecting.

    1. Exactly. I live on the east coast which doesn’t have any Krogers since it’s a midwestern-based franchise. The only thing close to it on our side is Publix, and I doubt Mattel would make an exclusive vehicle to a grocery store rather than a department store. Oh well, I actually like the lavender Gasser better anyway.

    2. Kroger has many other stores under their umbrella. Take a look and you will see that there most likely is something Kroger owned near you.

      In my area, So Cal, we have Ralph’s and Food 4 Less

  4. Hey guys, don’t forget about the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary special on the History channel this Thursday at 8/7C

  5. How about some Pro Modifieds from the 1990s: Animal Jim Fuerer Ford Fairmont, Ronnie Sox ’64 Comet, the Black Mariah ’63 Vette. These cars all need their due.

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