Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport in pictures

I have no idea what to share about Team Transport anymore.  Two videos and now this photo post, and I think you know my opinion.  I don’t have any fun facts to share, either.


And I think we know the details.  Coming VERY soon, most likely around $13-$14 at retail, and delivered in cases of four – three sets with one repeat, the VW/Porsche.  And the release schedule for these first three sets is such that they will appear numerous times throughout the year, in addition to this first release, so there should be enough for everyone.


It should also be said that Team Transport is here to stay in Car Culture, with many plans for the future.  We have seen Snake & Mongoose sets coming, along with a new box truck in Momo livery with a Porsche.  Like Car Culture, there will be a little of everything to keep us collectors happy.  And yes, I think I can speak for most collectors when I say we are VERY happy about these.

And in hand, they do not disappoint in the least.  I did have to struggle to move the bed on the VW, but I figured it out.  There is your complaint.  Woohoo, I’m fair and balanced!


So after all the talk, here are the photos.  I loved taking these.  Then again, you know I love taking photos, and these were as fun a subject as I have had.  Focus on the detail on both the cars and haulers.  Also have a look at the new licensed fifteen52 Real Riders on both the Porsche and VW.  Just enjoy the photos.


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  1. A well done photo shoot as usual! I love the VW/Porsche, but that Advan Tow truck is pretty wicked looking. The Skyline that comes with it isnt too bad either

  2. The black and red is my favorite but I doubt I’ll see it in store. The VW is my least favorite because it is so unrealistic. The car is really nice but I’m not buying the transport a little bit. Great concept but for me aehh!

  3. The Advan set is my favourite. Both the Skyline and the truck look beautiful! The GReddy set looks great too. Love the Sakura Sprinter. Not so keen on the VW/ Porsche set. The VW looks fine on its own, but the 356 looks tacky. The colour scheme also isn’t that good (I’m bored of seeing Urban Outlaw over and over again. I hate it). Most likely won’t be getting these are they’re going to be too expensive for me.

  4. Although I like the concept of this, the incorrect scale of the transport trucks makes these less desirable for me. I wish I could just buy the cars separately.

  5. GREAT concept, but not terribly well executed. That Porsche 356 is way too big…or is the transporter way too small? Either way, the scale is off.

  6. I’m just appreciating the sets the way they are, unlike so many of the above commenters. Talking about incorrect scales, horrible execution, grainy tampos. Honestly, I love them! The cars are great, the transporters are awesome with enclosed trailers or movable flatbads, and the detail is amazing! I’m not gonna nit pick anything about them. These are great, no matter what someone says about the scale or liveries! Hopefully if they’ll spread throughout the year like you said, I’ll be able to find all three of them no problem.

  7. Great set, can’t wait to get them in hand. I’m not into the red interior of the Porsche. It would have been cool to see the VW Transporter with a Porsche 914 with a racing livery.

  8. The Porsche 356 / VW Transporter are my favorite individually, but I just can’t get past the T2 being way to small to carry a car. I imagine once the car is loaded it would be doing a wheelie. Maybe meant for a motorcycle? And like the commenter above, I will be more than happy to see Hot Wheels finally move past their Urban Outlaw love affair.

    The GReddy truck is nice, but I just can’t stand the teeny tiny thimble wheels and lowrider look of the two Nissans.

    Will likely pass on all of these and wait for something a bit more modern and not a lowrider.

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