Preview: Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport Mix A

This is the calm before the storm.  We know what is coming.

Team Transport could be out as early as this week.  Hobby dealers like A&J Toys and Wheel Collectors have gotten word it is on its way, and I have to assume the big stores will see it soon as well.  Many of you have armed your brickseek page with the sku, checking constantly to see when they hit.  Of course there will be a bit of collector vitriol, which is sadly the norm now, but hopefully everyone who wants a set will get one.

So before all this goes down, before the madness begins, here is a look at the models.  Julian Koiles’ amazing art, the fantastic new haulers, two new licensed (!!) Real Riders, and of course some amazing Car Culture models.  Hot Wheels hit it out of the park with this set, and while storms aren’t fun, at least their existence is evidence of how fantastic these models are.


4 Replies to “Preview: Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport Mix A”

  1. On pre order and hoping they don’t cancel on me!

    And my only gripe about this is why two of the Porsche sets? I would rather have two of the other ones than the Porsche/VW!

  2. They look great but…the Sakura sprinter truck seems a bit smaller around less than 1/64 compare to the car.

  3. They look great but…the Sakura sprinter looks a bit smaller than 1/64 while the car looks closer to 1/64.

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