I can’t tell you anything about the Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z HWC Exclusive. But these photos can.

The HWC Exclusive Datsun 240Z finally goes on sale today.  After a long wait – this model was previewed last year at the Convention – and a very strange detour, it is finally ready to make its way to collectors.

I am fortunate to be able to preview a good number of Hot Wheels HWC/RLC Models for Lamley Readers, and in some cases I hope my previews convince those the fence to jump in and buy one.  In other cases, my previews are of no value, other than generating more excitement among those who have already decided to purchase a model.

That is this preview.  Hot Wheels is going to have not a lick of trouble selling this one.  It is going to sell out on the first day.  I doubt Marketing will be doing high-fives thanking their lucky stares that Lamley was able to convince collectors to buy.  Enough collectors went to bed last night with images of red Z’s dancing in their heads.

So all I can do is show you that yes, you made a good decision.  You won’t regret dropping the $20 for this thing.  It is beautiful.


The new large Watanabe-inspired Real Riders, which debuted on Alton’s Z at last year’s Convention, really shine.  But it is that paint – spectraflame red with black hood and trim, that separates this one.

So I am going to give you this video, showcasing the 20 previous releases of the Z along with the freeing of this model:

And then I am going to show these photos.  And I will tell you that this was a pleasure to shoot.

You’re welcome, Mattel.  #lamleyhype sold out your model.  It didn’t have a chance otherwise.



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  1. Holy cow, its freaking gorgeous!! This is one of the best releases of the 240Z EVER. I regret not being able to obtain this model in any way. All I can do is endlessly drool over these photos.

  2. Awesome Datsun 240Z’S you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 I have some of those in my collection and the rest I’m still on the hunt for.👍

  3. The usual website BS.

    Hey, HW marketing…you read Lamley…here’s some news:

    This was my first year joining RLC, and I will not be renewing. Too much hassle and wasted time trying to buy overpriced toys.

    With Tomica and Auto World in particular making high quality pieces for less than the cost of the “limited” RLC pieces, there are plenty of cool toys out there to buy. No need to waste an hour looking at random hilarious error messages at HWC.

    Your website functionality is a joke.


  4. If you participate in these sales prepare for frustration…Support told me they were out within 15 minutes (that I can live with) but don’t keep me spinning and spinning error after error.

  5. Great, great casting! I’ve come to really admire all the JDM castings but this is by far the best! The color sceam is perfect the wheels perfect. The best version of this model yet for sure! I will never hunt this one down never. As much as I would love to have it in my collection but RLC imo is just another way for Mattel to get into the scaping game. They come with a $20+ price tag. When I think of a collector club run by a company I feel they should be looking to give back to the millions that have supported them for years. I mean I’m 52 and there are many others like me that have religiously supported the brand. Mattel actually (IMO) only wants to get more. They have no appreciation for the loyalists, it’s all about the bottom line. They know their product is a collector based product. The premium lines continue to rise in price. They continue to fuel the secondary market which is no concern to them. That’s why my opinion is what it is. The RLC is a farce, to line the giants pocket and that of the secondary sellers. I never bought a RLC product and never will. I traded for one for a Super another scam imo. I have tons of the early THs but everytime I come across one it goes up for trade. My collection could probably bring in a nice payday and most likely will for my kids. Me I’m just a collector I don’t do it for resale value. I do it for me. Maybe one day Mattel will acknowledge the loyalists but I doubt it!

  6. As I guessed, it dumped me as I was checking out, after so many errors! And no, there is no re-schedule, it sold out!!

    Dear Mattel / Hot Wheels,

    I think I am done as an RLC member for next year thanks to your horrible website.

    Thanks for nothing! Again!

  7. I wasn’t on the fence about buying one but the website did not agree. Total waste of time, again. Numerous issues, finally got all the way to confirm order and was kicked off when I clicked it. By the time I got back to my cart and confirm order it was sold out.

  8. Only 6500 available but with over 17k members they allow people to buy 2. Some even bought more because they have multiple accounts. This is ridiculous. This is my first AND last year as an RLC member. Wasted hours waiting in the waiting room and another hour trying to checkout my ONE freaking car….all for nothing.

  9. What everyone seems to be forgetting is. It is the internet,scalpers probably have ways to lock others out so they can scoop up as many as they can. Not buying the 2 per customer thing. I’ve seen multipal people on both IG and ebay with 10+ in pics. As I said Mattel is part of the problem here!

    1. It’s not just Instagram and ebay but i saw people in the Mattel RLC club boasting about how they got several through multiple accounts. And yes, Mattel is the problem. What’s next? They gonna produce 2 thousand cars and sit back and watch 17k RLC members fight over them?

  10. I did not get one. With 17K members, everyone should get a shot. Disappointed again. Really questions the purchase of a membership.

    On another note, as a longtime follower and reader, less frequent poster, I’m a bit scared of the website design refresh. A for effort and attempt to do something new. But it really is sooooo hard to read. White type on a busy image is a no-no in the world of web or print design. Especially smaller text. It’s just too hard to read. Please go back or try a different look. Just my 2-cents.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  11. Once again, the assumption is made that Mattel is in business to make people happy. They’re in business to sell product and make money, which they did.

  12. Seems to me they will be losing some money when a bunch of us don’t renew our RLC memberships next year.


    1. They’re called masochists. And, yes, there’s always more.

      A sucker born every minute, said P. T. Barnum.


  13. This really is about supply and demand. Demand for premium hot wheels models (especially JDM stuff like the Datsuns, convention, dinner models etc.) is high. And supply is low. This means price will be high for the market to clear (i.e., for demand to equal supply).

    For this model – which is amazing – everyone seems to anticipate that the market price given a supply of only 6500 (which is actually high compared to say Auto World, Johnny Lightning or M2) will be a lot more than $20. In fact, the market (i.e., Ebay) is thinking that the market price is around 100. This is what auctions are saying at the moment (and the auctions are essentially a simple version of a stock market that set prices). Given the price of say the Datsun Bre (from Vintage Racing selling at 200-300+) this price of (100) seems to make some sense.

    So what happens when you sell something for 20 that is actually worth 100? This is what in finance is called an arbitrage strategy (i.e., riskless profit). The rate of return is amazing. The product sells out fast and everyone tries to get one using every means possible (multiple accounts etc.). Who gets most of the cars? Professionals. Call them scalpers or eBay sellers or whatever. They are experienced so it is hard to compete with them if you’re a regular Joe. It is analogous to trying to compete with high frequency traders in the stock market. In short: You can’t. You’re too slow.

    And about the RLC. It is sold out. It likely will be next year. Personally, I’m jealous at RLC members. At least you can reserve the other 240Z (the blue one) and have a shot at the red one. I can’t and don’t. How to decide who gets a rare model? Seniority? Speed? Smarts? Membership? Connections? There is no easy or fair solution. At least Mattel’s process is transparent and open to all (given RLC membership). And not all their models sell out like this. Note the Corvette, T-Bird and Cougar still available on their website.

    In regard, to scalpers in most ways they are great. Say you want an old model and eBay is not around. How do you get it? It is very hard. Ebay and Ebay sellers make the market work better. And generally the prices charged are fair (i.e., market prices). Without eBay I would not even have a chance to buy the red Datsun. Will I buy at 100? No, but at least I could given the existence of eBay resellers. Personally, I think eBay sellers are awesome. It is the best flea market ever.

    So this is just capitalism. Its supply and demand. Yes, Mattel is in it for the money. A collectible is not rare unless there are few of them (which makes the blue Datsun experiment very interesting as people can choose how many will be made). Ultimately, Mattel needs collectors, but so far collectors seem thrilled with this latest release. It will be interesting to see what happens to the price of this Datsun in the next weeks and years. Maybe 100 is too high. Maybe they’ll get greedy and release too many ‘rare’ models and prices drop. Maybe taste change. Who knows. It will be interesting to watch.

  14. Tor…GREAT COMMENT ! I myself re-sell on ebay, not to pay my phone bill or mortgage, but to purchase the more expensive cars that I otherwise could not afford. I am 39 and just started collecting this year, and will stop immediately after the Oct convention in L.A. Ebay is fantastic, I’d say about 75% of my collection is from Ebay, it’s the ONLY place I can find all the cars I want and get them immeditately. I am glad I didn’t have to spend 10 or 20 years of my life searching for these things, it’s a simple click of the mouse, and no stress of driving store to store , or flea markets, or conventions, etc. I thought it would be great to have a really nice collection of Hot Wheels, that I can pass on to my 2 sons, and setup a permanent drag strip, and GIANT rally downhill roadcourse style track on the entire wall of my garage, that has 12 foot high ceilings. It’s been quite the experience in the RLC club…lots and lots of frustration and people whining, old and new collectors. It’s literally a feeding frenzy when these cars come out, and sell out in less than 15 minutes. I open all the cars that are part of my permanent collection, and keep the others boxed away for an investment, hopefully gaining lots of value over the next few years, possibly to buy a new car for my kids to use in highschool in 10 or so years.

    Anyway, it’s great hobby, as long as people keep things in perspective, and don’t let it take over their lives…their just toy cars…but they are truly awesome!

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