Showcase: Hot Wheels 2018 HW Hot Trucks 5-pack

3 Hot Wheels 5-packs purchased in the last three months.  That has to be a record.  Car Meet, Exotics, and now Hot Trucks.  Here is a look at the latest:

5 Replies to “Showcase: Hot Wheels 2018 HW Hot Trucks 5-pack”

  1. Nice 5 pack apart from the ’56 Ford which would be a lot nicer if it was more like the standard casting of the Matchbox ’56 Ford, just my opinion boys and girls. But at least this will be available over here ( in England ) unlike Matchbox releases.

  2. Always have trouble finding hot trucks 5 packs here in Oz. This is a lovely pack…the Red C10 is gorgeous.

  3. Awesome hotwheels hot trucks 5 pack you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 They’re all my favorites.👍 I will be on the hunt for this 5 pack.👍

  4. These decos seem kind of loud compared to past truck 5-packs…not sure if I’ll pick this up or not, I think only the C10 and Caddy would be keepers for me.

  5. This is an easy pass for me. But then it is only the rare (figuratively) truck that I’ll pick up (Mazda REPU, Datsun 610, VW Caddy & T2, Toyota Tacoma & Pickup, maybe a Ford F-150.

    I’ve yet to see the other two “hot” new 5-packs. I definitely want that Exotics pack and might bite on the Car Meet (if only for the BMW).

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