The Lamley Blog isn’t dead. It just took a much needed break.

Ever since the Lamley Blog became more than just a place for me to post some photos, I have figured it was a quick stop for each of you in the morning or evening, just to see what I might be featuring.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I have always appreciated that it has become something many of you visit on a daily basis.

What I never expect is to hear from a lot of you when I don’t post something.  And yeah, I have been hearing from quite a few of you the last couple of weeks.  It is pretty obvious I haven’t posted much to the blog lately.  I’d like to tell you I took a vacation, or my real job took over, or something in life took me away.  In each case, yes.  To a certain extent.

It is a little more simple.  I burned out.  I badly needed a break.  Cars are cool, but so is so much more.  I needed evenings to sit and have a drink with my wife and friends, with no thought of what I would write about later.  I essentially needed time where I didn’t think about the blog at all.  So I spent some time here and there putting together some videos I needed to do and closed my laptop.  I tried to post here and there to make sure folks knew I was still alive, and took many nights off.

This blog has become a thing.  It is a way to keep this collector gene I have under control.  It makes the time I spend on my collection productive.  I especially enjoy the writing portion of it, as well as the photography.  Of course I have moved to doing videos, which has been enjoyable as well.  I have created a system that allows me to keep the blog and channel consistent with new content without dominating my free time.  And I still enjoy doing it.

But this break wasn’t a time thing, it was a brain thing.  I just didn’t want to think about it.  Stepping away was a good thing.  I wanted to see if I missed it, and if I should continue doing it.  The answer after a couple of weeks essentially away?  Yeah, I should continue.  There is just too much cool stuff out there, and I love showing it, writing about it, and talking about it.

One thing I will change moving forward: I need to go back to photo features.  I miss them.  I know you do too.  So while I might not be able to do photo features every day, I promise to give you a few well-thought out features every week.  The Channel will continue to be a great place to showcase new products and some portions of my collection, and that obviously spills into the blog, but I will try and do more accompanying photo features.

So I hope you keep coming to the blog.  And definitely subscribe to the Channel.  I have a lot of cool stuff to show.  And a refreshed desire to do it.


Ultimately, you don’t need to give a flying flip about me or this whiny post. or this blog and where it has been or where it is going.  It is my labor of love so I can do all the worrying.  I just hope you keep visiting and reading, wherever and whenever you typically visit.


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  1. Maybe one of the reasons you feel burned out is that you’ve expanded to multiple diecast companies and just have too, much to write about. I started reading your blog soon after your began it way back in 2012. Back then, you primarily had articles on Hot Wheels with an occasional Matchbox. Then you started showcasing other brands: Tomica, Kyosho, Autoworld, Greenlight etc. Maybe you could try focusing the blog back to the blue and orange, and doing say, monthly features on the other brands. While it’s nice to see cars from other brands, I think most people are drawn here for the Hot Wheels and Matchbox. 🙂

  2. I visit The Lamley Group daily, I hope you can find the time and desire to continue this amazing blog! THANK YOU for all that you do, I think I speak for many collectors out there 👍

  3. Your life, family and friends come first, and I think everyone understands that. We appreciate your blog, but it’s a hobby and the minute it becomes an obligation it ceases to be fun. Relax when you feel like it. The internet is a big place and everyone can find something else to entertain themselves with.


  4. Hey ! We are synchro !
    I came here everyday, but I need a break too, so that’s ok for me.
    Sometimes I look at my collection (“just” a hundred cars) and wonder why I spent so much time and money in these things, while there’s much better to do with this time and this money.
    Just need to think about something else for a few weeks or months, or years.

  5. I came to the blog also in 2012. I feel like it has got away from what brought me in. I like the other brands but I stick with the blue and orange. Only because I’m not interested in changing scale and although most are listed 164 they just don’t match up. It’s a shame because there are some great models out there. Hope your break was good. Like the new licesened HWs will they keep coming though?

  6. You have the best die cast blog going around glad to see you decided to stick with it. Take as many breaks as you like, this hobby moves at breakneck speed it is hard to keep up… a big thankyou for your time and effort and looking forward to the next (Hotwheels) post

  7. Thanks for what you do – we have come to rely on your insight and all the cool stuff to find out there. Stepping away for a minute requires no explanation from you. Perhaps we have become to reliant, and expectant like this is CNN or something – sheesh, it’s just a blog (a great one) from a guy who likes cars – do what you need to do sir!

  8. I check in every morning before work to see what’s new. It’s a great little blog and very well executed. Perhaps you need to find a kindred spirit with the time, energy and professionalism to take on some of the reporting. David used to be this person, but he doesn’t seem to be around as much anymore. Find somebody to help carry the load and perhaps the burn-out thing wont happen again.

  9. I just wanted to thank you for Lamley – I enjoy it every day – It’s a shot of energy to see new cars from all brands –
    Di uma pesona do Brasil – valu adore muito – Voa Canarinho Voa – Russia 2018

  10. Thnks for the blog. And I don’t do a blog and need a break from little cars once in a while. Please don’t leave the other brands off, though. I like seeing them all. I look here every week to see if there is something I need to be on the lookout for. I can look here and know if I need to look for a particular car, from whatever brand. Or if I can skip the HW or MB pegs. I have a fairly narrow focus in my collection and if a case doesn’t have something, then I don’t have to waste my time going through the pegs of cars with colored tires to find that one elusive licensed model. Thanks for the information provided. Enjoy taking it easier for a while. We’ll probably be here when you do post up.

    I am one of the daily lookers. I check here right after I check Jalopnik’s “Nice price or crack pipe”. then to a model car forum. Thanks again.

  11. There’s not a day that passes where I don’t visit this blog. I love seeing what’s new in the diecast world! And I’m glad you still have the motive to keep it alive. I’ll definitely still be checking. And I absolutely love the photo features with a nice description! In my opinion, I don’t like the video format. I can’t sit through a whole 10-15 minute video quickly looking at cars. With pictures, I can take whatever time I want and it allows me to read the descriptions aloud to myself, which I love doing. Almost every post feature on here with a description I read aloud to myself to keep my brain active and because I want to. I hope to see more of that in the future!

  12. Mate, mate, here’s an idea: merge with Live and Let Diecast.

    I know, I know, there are stringent anti-trust laws and it’s not like Kinja as a whole is super stable (in more ways than one), plus I realize that you want this to be almost solely your own operation, but I reckon that place can reduce most of your load with specific coverage for some brands so you only need to focus on what you love the most and what you think matters to you and readers of this blog.

    Or at the least stick with HW, MBX, and TLV for now. A narrower focus will definitely help you, as the American premium brands like Greenlight or Johnny Lightning don’t always release often.

  13. It takes all the fun out of it when a hobby becomes a job. Pace yourself and keep the passion, that’s why we’re here 😊

  14. I’m newish to diecast and new to Hot Wheels. This blog has opened my eyes to lots of great models and I just want to thank you for it. That being said there is certainly more to life than diecast and our lives are a delicate balance, there are only so many hours in a day. So, please find your own balance. Don’t worry about the audience, they’ll always be here (at least I will be). Thanks again.

  15. No worries on the breaks, I didn’t feel neglected. Just makes it all the nicer when new posts do show up. Like many others have said, this is the primary place where I find out what I should be on the lookout for and it’s invaluable in that regard, so keep it up, but only at a pace that it stays fun for you.

    And for God’s sake, if you keep dropping pictures of that RS6 $uper, you’re going to make me break my self-imposed rule of not ordering models from ebay.

  16. I found this blog a couple months ago when I started getting into diecast. Before I had mostly been into 1:1 cars and car photography. This blogs has been a great inspiration (been going through old videos and posts as well as new posts) and has helped me learn lots about different brands and how the diecast world works. I really like that you do many brands. I discovered Japanese diecast due to this blog. And not everyone is into the often busy, overdone Hot Wheels look. The photography is amazing (as a serious hobby shooter myself), but I also really like the videos and posts.

    My two cents. Do the blog if you think it is fun and if it makes you smile. Don’t do it for others. And feature the brands you think are really cool. And the cars that make you smile. The ones you stare at again and again. The ones you want to twirl around on the rotary display day after day. The ones you pick up to admire the detail.

    I for one really hope you continue enjoying doing the blog. It is a piece of art.

    Oh…and I love the ‘BYE’ at the end of the videos. Short, simple and to the point. Others ramble too much. 🙂

  17. I’ve always been a big fan of Hot Wheels, especially American muscle cars, but because of your blog my appreciation of the JDM scene has grown immeasurably. You’ve got to do what you love and sometimes even that has to take a backseat to life. Cheers from Canada!

  18. Sir, love what you do each and everyday. It is important to share your thoughts and knowledge of the Die Cast World. With that said, take a brake and enjoy life too. That is what is MOST important. Look forward to your post.
    Thank you.

  19. I knew you were on a break when I realized you weren’t posting that frequently during the last 2 weeks. I have no issue with that because I know how important it is to take a break from work. And I don’t think there is any need to say that I’m a daily reader here (but I did anyway lol) (I just go back and re-read your old articles when you don’t post new ones lol x2).

    Talking about the photo features, I was just going to say bring them back. Showcases are, in my opinion, the bread and butter of this blog. Yes the videos are very fun to watch and other posts give new updates but the main feature are the photo showcases. Bring them back in full form, and hopefully more frequently too. I am desperately waiting for the RS6 Avant STH showcase (both photos and video) and hope to see the Matchbox RS6 with it as well.

  20. We all need to take some time to recharge our batteries every once in while so no need to explain to us. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here. Thanks for your great work.

  21. Yes.. i’ve been following your awesome blog when I started getting more serious about the hobby. I saw this Lamley Group thing and kept checking it out more & more. Your interest & passion for diecasts rubbed off on me & I kept ck’ing in daily… I think it’s what really helped me acquire more of the ‘sickness’. I love if you went back to the simple days of just HW’s or MBX… it’s what your basis is all about!!!
    I do love the photo shoots because a picture is indeed worth a thousand words (your pictures that is) and they capture the essence of the model you’re trying to convey to us all. The videos are cool too once in a while, but I wonder how you find the time.
    Family is more important, so expectations from us for you to keep up the work is not too important right now. It’s your gig so you do what’s right. People have to understand how difficult it s to juggle a career, family, daily chores and an added task like keeping the model geeks informed.
    Take your time & take it easy! Thank you for all your efforts my man!

  22. We all hope that you are ok John, take as much time off as you need and as often as you feel is necessary in order to keep giving us our diecast “fix” each week but do not put us before your home life. Best wishes from everyone in the UK John we feel for you.

  23. As the author of Two Lane Desktop I can relate on how difficult it is to keep a blog running daily while trying to spend more time outside of the blog. Right now I have been slow at getting my weekly blog reviews up on my blog, which I originally had planned to have two to five every Saturday during downtime at work, but recently it’s been busy at work and also I have been focused on finishing up school work so that I can graduate by the end of the summer. Hopefully by the fall I can get back to my rhythm as I have a lot to review: I always keep a notebook to log in future articles based on what I receive at the moment, and if you take each line of a notebook as one article then count both sides I have literally six to seven pages worth of articles to do. Now that’s ALOT!

    Most of these articles stem from when I started selling some of my collection and then started buying some stuff online at the same time so the workload started to increase a bit. Hopefully I can get through most of these articles in the next year as I plan on doing a Matchbox showcase in 2020 looking back 20 years to the 2000 line, though I still don’t know how i’m going to set that up. I’ve been enjoying this blog (and the picture showcases back in the MCCH forum days) since 2012 and like the pictures in in-depth information, which inspired me to get back into blogging when I first started up my blog in 2014. Since then I’ve noticed Lamley taking on too much products, and on top of that too much advertising which meant review or feature blogs are pushed back so that blogs advertising upcoming products are placed first. Nice, but I’d prefer the reviews more.

    What I put in stone when I started my own blog is that I really don’t have the time or resources to develop a full-time blog; this was just for fun and to show others interesting castings and their backgrounds. I don’t expect to constantly update it every day, nor turn away viewers by doing away with the core of the website: diecast reviews. I can understand the frustration of handing a blog and daily life as I can relate and all i can say is don’t take on too much that you can’t handle and always remember the core audience of your blog and to never stray away from them.

    Two Lane Desktop

  24. I have been coming here since the beginning. I will admit that I don’t check in as often any more, but that’s more to do with my backwoods internet not being great for a blog that’s shifting to video (and my backwoods grocery stores still carrying models from 2016). I’ve also become extremely burnt out with scalpers at the bigger stores around me, as a long time JNC reader, I am both pleased with all the classic j-tin and annoyed at how hyped everyone else is for them now. I can’t ever find anything unless I want to pay ludicrous amounts for a small toy on the internet.

    Because of that, seeing updates for cars I thought were cool 20 years ago, like a Pig Butt Laurel, is just depressing because it’s yet another car I won’t get because some beard in a train conductor hat bought the entire inventory to resell on ebay. I’m better off not knowing what’s coming out because then I’m way less resentful as I leaf through the hot wheels I do find. I didn’t know there was an FD RX-7 until I found a blue one at a gas station yesterday.I shouldn’t have tried to find out when it released, though, because I indrectly saw that they’ve now done an R33 GT-R, the one I wanted most, and in clean deco without body mods. I’ll probably have a real R33 before I find that one

    tl;dr I might have drifted way from the blog, but it’s the hobby’s fault, not yours. You already do too much, you deserve all the breaks you can get

  25. John, so glad to hear you made the opportunity to take a break from it all. Yes, being involved in a hobby we love can bring us joy and be rewarding, but as you said, there is so much more out there that enriches our lives. Sometimes we can get in a rut or get bogged down by routine, so a break affords us a moment to explore other options, other passions and reassess our time and focus. I’m happy for you and glad to have you back fresh and reinvigorated.

  26. no explanation needed! as a “weekly” viewer on here I can appreciate wholeheartedly all the work you put into our great hobby, but you wife and family and life must come first! maybe find some trusted collectors/friends who can contribute along with you? people who would be willing to do an article of your choosing once a week to take the load off of you, but allow you to maintain the life!

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