Unboxing: Matchbox 2018 G Case

A really nice assortment, with one glaring miss on the mix.  Check it out:

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  1. Looking forward to the new ones but I found two models in this case too that have been released before. So the power lift was in last year’s series, #46, but also was released in 09 in the construction 5pk. Now these are not recolors but the same models. Although there might be a slight variation between the 2009 and the 2018 model , a side deco but I can’t make it out it’s a very small sticker. And the other is the scrambulance this model was released in 2013 as #109. This however is identical. So in a way it’s lame but then again some of our wishes are coming true because if you got those models back then this year you don’t have to collect 125. Only 123 and maybe less depending on the future cases.

  2. Today i took note of many 100s of range hotwheels has to offer which is in nearly every UK stockists. On the back of hotwheels packs the UK address is shown. Vanwall business Park etc. Why not matchbox? As it shows due to very poor coverage and taste of which this brand has to offer, is this brand being killed off? Also the details hotwheels have, is far superior than matchbox. UK is now alienated from this brand. I know probably some tut or raise an eye by what I write. All i want is this brand I love, grew up with,and spent so much time on, as many others in the UK have. Is to be treated fairly as USA and hotwheels quality. Matchbox deserve such more. Under mattel?!?! No. It suits some!!!

  3. Mattel UK don’t reply! They’re probably matchbox whooo?!?! Cheers Keith I’m surprised there ain’t other fellow citizens complaining! I hope that mattel USA are taking note. There is a world outside over trumps wall. How would it be if hotwheels became UK based and having its history stripped, well……. 🙂

    1. AMC, you might want to start a writing campaign targeting stores like TESCO, ASDA (a US-Walmart subsidiary an Walmart DOES carry Matchbox though not to the level of constant HW appearing), Hamleys, etc. If those stores express demand, maybe Mattel might start marketing Matchbox properly in the UK.

      Or even contact one of the local department stores that have toy departments. I can’t understand why the birthplace of Matchbox does not have Matchbox or other similar cars widely available, and that the only models available seem to be Hot Wheels, which are generally heavily-customized and have a distinct American taste. Mattel seems to change the marketing strategy of Matchbox every two or three years with a line that is decent certain years, or just ignoring other years. This is obviously a bumper year! It is a disgrace that these are not readily available in the UK.

  4. Yes it is a bumper year simply to celebrate the 50 years execution of matchbox and do it on its own soil. It’s also 65 years for matchbox…………..no gift sets for UK. HAPPY 65th!!! Retailer asda is a matchbox stockist now, the sad thing is its a food shop!! They don’t restock or some get all. Or one box for a population of 250,000 my city. Poundland =USA long cards from last year.(lots of old boats and generics which don’t sell) That’s about it in uk. Hotwheels everywhere!!! I’ve asked local establishments why they don’t stock the mbx brand, hotwheels is basically thrown at them. Hotwheels is also half the price than mbx. I think mattel know what they are doing…. It’s just the 65 years celebration in the UK it’s a blast!!!!! Mattel will always wave the hotwheels flags. Two brand rivalries owned …. Make the other small and crap. Mbx sadly. We just look on to the US where the taste and all the attention is on. Powergrabs and so on.

  5. I’m more fuller than you think pal..! 🙂 I should just say nice wheels..! I like the colour schemes! Drone……… I’m sorry to affend Mr Blair PetNis.

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