Lamley Daily (TLV Week Edition): Tomica Limited Vintage Neo ’83 Nissan Skyline 2000RS Turbo (R30)

#lamleydaily #tlvweek – May 15th, 2018


Model: Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Skyline 2000RS Turbo

Where to get it: Japan Booster lists them often.

Yes, I am doing my second TLV Skyline in as many days.  Oh well.  But my point of showing these models is to help those of you who don’t collect TLV understand how great the brand is, and the best way to do it is by showing replicas of cars the majority is familiar with.

And that certainly applies to the R30 Skyline.  Hot Wheels has done one, released this year to much fanfare.  And its red panda look is instantly recognizable.  But of course, in true TLV fashion, this one is stock.  How it came off the line.


There are several colors, and part are Turbo and the other part not.  Nonetheless, this are stunners.


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    1. They are pretty close to the same scale. The rear of the Premium version sits higher and looks wider – I believe it is wider. The front 2/3rds of each look about right. The Premium version looks more like what you would expect in Tokyo Western Police with larfer diameter gold lace wheels, a body kit, and rear spoiler. The TLV has gray wheels without much detail on them and the interior is matte where the Premium is shiny.

      Before I put them side by side I would have said the Premium version was much larger, but I guess it’s an optical illusion because of the body kit because they are very close in scale.

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