Car Culture Euro Speed is at Target with the new 50th Anniversary shippers

Exhausted all your Walgreens looking for 50th Anniversary shippers?  Well drop what you are doing and head to Target.  Wait, hit a couple of Walgreens first.  My friend did and found these:


Alright, now that you have exhausted your Walgreens, head to Target.  Another friend is traveling in Missouri and came across this:


Yep, a 50th Anniversary side shipper with 50th Anniversary models and, yes, the latest release of Car Culture – Euro Speed.  He was even nice enough to pick me up a set:


That means a feature soon.  It also means you better go.  Bye.

12 Replies to “Car Culture Euro Speed is at Target with the new 50th Anniversary shippers”

  1. Certain Targets are in the midst of a pretty hardcore remodel, so I have a feeling these shippers will fall by the wayside at those locations. Fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky

  2. Wish we still had Target here in Canada or Walgreens ever… Guess we’ll have to wait. Nice pickups though no doubt!!!

  3. Euro Speed………………available everywhere except Europe ! Nice set though, not one dog amongst them which makes a nice change.

  4. The only ones left were the BMW M1 & the Audi R8, so I grabbed them. The Audi just doesn’t do it for me with that
    particular paint scheme/livery. If it had another color combo I’m sure it would compliment the body form & lines, but it’ll do for now. The M1 is awesome w/those gold lace wheels against the deep black. The stripes help break things up a bit too.
    As far as the 50th Anniversary cars.. only two Cougars left. The gold is sweet and I love those wheels which look nice and shiny w/the redline tires.
    Can’t wait to find the all the other ones in both lines!

  5. Found a shipper at Walgreens and it was wiped out! And have not seen anything at Targets near me.

    This is in San Diego, CA

  6. Now THIS is what I call Car Culture! I must have all of these! I’m going to predict my chance of finding them are slim to none. Japan Historics made a 1 day appearance at Target and 1 day only, never to show up again. Cargo Carriers so far have only shown up at 1 Walgreens and all they had was an Odyssey and 2 Ford Transits. Cars & Donuts took months of searching every Walgreens in the area and I still came up short. Come on Mattel! These are the cars we want. Why can’t you get stock to the stores?

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