Finally made it to Dallas for Hot Wheels Nationals. Here is my first report.

I’m here.  Hot Wheels Nationals was already well in to full swing when I boarded a plane for Dallas this morning.  But I am glad I am here.  The day was busy grabbing some of the models, visiting some rooms, and even filming some preview videos with the Hot Wheels Team to show later.  (Team Transport.  Holy cow.)

I am headed to the RLC Event shortly, and tomorrow will be the 2nd Semi-Annual Lamley DLM Party.  11:45 in the Autograph Room, for those of you who are here.  Bring a significant model to open to qualify for the prize drawing, or just come to watch some good stuff be opened.


I’m gonna open a couple of these, and the others will be given away as prizes.  You definitely need to come if you are here.

I was also able to catch up on the exclusives.  A Dinner Model, the RLC 510, and the two Convention Models, which I open here:

This video is Part 1.  Part 2 will be the other exclusives, Part 3 the DLM Party, and Part 4 the Finale Model.  I will also post the HW Sneaks Presentation, so be ready.

Lots to come from Dallas.

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  1. I’ll be honest, I’m just here to see the slides. Hopefully they have the rest of ’18 and some’ 19 cars, too. Still holding on for a Cayman GT4 reveal.

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