You need to be lucky to find a HW Super, and even more lucky to find this card variation.

I finally got the Hot Wheels H Case Super Showcase up on the YouTube Channel.  There was a delay this time, and for good reason.  Mattel sends the Supers over for me to preview for you, but the card art on the ZL1 Camaro they sent from the H Case looked different.

Obviously the original plan was for the Camaro to sport red-lipped Real Riders, as we saw at the Sneaks Presentation at last year’s convention:


Those plans obviously changed, but not before the card art was created.  That card art was obviously changed, but obviously a few made it to market.  I didn’t know if the sample Mattel sent was just from an in-house example, or if it would be found in stores.  Well:

So there will be some who are lucky on top of lucky if they find this red-wheel card.  I’m a DLMer, yes, but I know when to keep something carded.  I traded for a standard Super with a friend, and used that for the Super Showcase above.  Card art aside, it’s a cool model.



4 Replies to “You need to be lucky to find a HW Super, and even more lucky to find this card variation.”

  1. Two tooned Mustang supers in the H bin I came across was really hoping to locate this Camaro but the Mustang is still pretty cool. Thought it was odd to find 2 G Supers in an H bin. First time for that for me.

  2. Finally found this yesterday night (2 months after the case is released)!! Standard card but who cares. Its a Camaro STH and I’m extremely happy with that!

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