So what is up with the headlights on the Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz AMG GT?

Let me say that is, seriously, one of my best finds this year:


It’s not a Super, or a Car Culture model, or a rare variation, but it still is a great find.  It isn’t even because this one heckuva look for the AMG GT casting.  Black paint with dark rims is a fantastic choice.


But the reason this specific model is a great find, is because of the headlights.  My good find is in the back:


Many of you have to know what I am talking about.  I don’t know if it is the angle of the casting that makes applying the tampo difficult, but whatever the issue, the headlights on most AMG GT models look like a promo for the upcoming Venom movie.

More bug eye than headlight, with that thick white outline that makes the tampo cover the entire corner of the model.  In fact, the comparison model I am showing was the best version I could find until this latest find.  But the headlights still looked pretty bad.  Until this last one, that I actually pulled from a G case, sitting in front:


Finally, normal.  I don’t think there were any improvements made mid-run, I just think diligence is required.  Of course if you care.  I like the model, I am a diecast nerd, so I care.  And I am glad I found one.  It looks awesome.



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  1. I’m respectfully going to disagree with the statement about the dark rims complimenting the black paint. I do believe dark rims CAN look good with a black paint job depending on the type of vehicle, but a bright, chrome wheel would have worked best.
    You need a contrast and dark or black rims would work nice with a vehicle that had silver, red, yellow, white or even a bright green paint job, for example.
    The metalflake was an awesome idea so it would have been really drab if it had plain black. But because it does contain metalflake, a blingy wheel would have helped bring more of the glitter effect out of the paint.

    1. I’m not opposed to dark wheels on a black car, (the recent Cadillac ATS-V R is a great example) I just am not completely sold on it in this iteration. I would have expected this model to look great in metallic black, but it really misses the mark for me. I enjoy the yellow debut model much more and even like the dark red one better than this black. I don’t know exactly what it is. The blue windows? The white interior perhaps? It could be that the paint is too metallic flaky. I’d much prefer a more fine metallic in the paint.

      I generally prefer dark rims to chrome these days, but I like your idea of doing these up in chrome. Like you say, it would compliment the metal flake in the paint well.

  2. They made the headlight too big. If you look at the part of the bumper between the bottom of the headlight and the air vent underneath, that section should be larger. That in turn would make the headlight thinner and more accurate.

  3. Congratulations finding an AMG GT with good tampos. I have looked for the yellow version with the least messed up headlights, but after checking about 15 models, couldn’t find even a decent one.

  4. Pretty damn bad when a Hotwheels car with properly applied tampos is rare. It’s part of why I am boycotting the brand altogether. The second is the terrible paint on the wheels that comes off if you look at it wrong.

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