More Civics and a 510: The March Release from Tomica Limited Vintage is here.

Just got the word from Japan Booster that the March Release from Tomica Limited Vintage has arrived, and yes, it’s loaded:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

It starts with the return of two very popular models.  First the EK Civic Type R debuted last month to much fanfare, and it returns this month in two more colors, along with another Honda CR-X.


Next, the Datsun 510 Rally is back, this time is a real livery, so to speak.  The first release was from a movie – but it actually raced in real life – but this new one is based on an actual rally car, in a very familiar livery.


All four of these above are must-haves, but the star for me is the Hino HH 3-Axle Tractor Head.  We have seen this cab before, but with two axles.  Here we go three, and it looks incredible.  Now we need a trailer.


It is a great release, but then again they all are.

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

7 Replies to “More Civics and a 510: The March Release from Tomica Limited Vintage is here.”

  1. I ordered one from Japan Booster a while back. The one I ordered had a #4 on the Drivers door and a “” SHELL “” logo on the passenger door. Plus the rims were more chrome and a lot shiny. Their is one on EBAY with the “” SHELL “” logo and the #4. Hope when mines get here the “”” SHELL “”” logo is on it. Yours maybe and error car (no Shell logo showing on yours). Also,mines is on the way. I have a tracking number. 😞

    1. I was just checking ebay and they have the shell logo on it but…. it’s more of a stock photo that Tomica provided rather than showing the actual model and the box on John’s photo does not so its a question of whether Tomica change the design at the last minute or not.

  2. Pictures were probably pre-production, and the ebay listings look like the same Tomica photos. The Shell logo may have been a licensing matter. Dull finish wheels look more authentic on a rally car, too.

    1. Must have been restock as it was available from other sellers except Japan booster when I did a search in ebay 2 days ago. That’s great.

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