So, did you get the RLC Car Culture set?

It essentially went down like this:

But I did get my order, after a few frustrating moments.  Word is its going to sell out today (if not this morning), so if you haven’t jumped in, do it now.

So, who got a set (or three)?


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  1. Mine logged me out at every step. I got an email confirmation for the order while the site was still “processing”. Overall nothing terrible. Maybe a 15 minute evolution.

    Snagged 2 sets. 1 for my buddy who is not an RLC member.

    The 510 is cool, but I’m more excited about the gasser, mustang, and Camaro. That’s easily the best looking Camaro yet.

  2. Maybe! *Lots* of the usual trouble getting the order placed. I have a confirmation email but account order history doesn’t reflect the purchase yet. Fingers crossed.

  3. By the time I managed to get it working (after the order failed at least 5 times, saying “the session has expired” something around 5 seconds after signing in — even after I got a message from Paypal confirming the transaction! But no confirmation from Mattel…) it appears to already be sold out. Bummer.

    1. …well, it seems I stand corrected! Realized I had left a window open with the order halfway finished, so I decided to give it one last try about a half an hour after the “Item Temporarily Unavailable or Sold Out” message showed up, and… booyah! Order successful. Definitely could’ve gone a bit smoother, but hey, I’ll take it.

  4. All the way from Brazil got 2 sets. Took about half hour to get it thru the steps. Still not got the email confirmation. Just got in RLC again right now and it is still available and seems to go easier.

  5. What I’ve figured out was wait on the page until it allowed you to purchase, wait for the cart to update in the top right once you added to your cart. Then open up a new tab and start at the cart from there to begin checkout, took a couple tries but was able to get it all done in less than 5 minutes from the shopping cart.

  6. It took me about 15 minutes. I left nail marks in my desk. It errors me out but I just kept refreshing and I fonally got my set. Just ordered 1. I’m excited for the Mustang, Camaro, and Gasser.

  7. 2 sets…one to open and one to save
    queued up and got to the page but you need to wait for the cart to add additional sets…clocking once you try anything. I opened multiple sessions to complete each step and finally got it to process

  8. I got 3 sets. Confirmation email but nothing in my order history. The set looks like it will be well worth the 12 minutes of frustration.

  9. Started using Chrome to access waiting room, tried adding to cart but gears kept grinding, tried refreshing page and got a WRONG TURN message, openned new page went to cart and had 4 separate items, tried removing one and again gears just goin…and finally Wrong Turn AGAIN..tried again but this time with internet explorer, went to cart had 3 separate items, hit check out and BINGO…This was my first time buying RLC….What an experience….

  10. In less than 3 hours Mattel sold 14,000 Car Culture Sets on 3/6/18. Despite being an RLC member, I was unable to buy a set. There are 17,000 members in the RLC and those members should have been given the opportunity to buy at least one set, instead of selling up to three sets to one person. Every member should be able to buy one with any extras available after.These sets are now being sold from $100.00 to $225.00 on Ebay By people who are just interested in making money and not collecting.
    Why did I join the RLC I am having my doubts and will write to Margo Georgiadis CEO at Mattel

  11. Got 3 after 20 minutes of fighting the system to get it to work. Not smooth but happy to know that my Car Culture collection will not have a gaping hole in it.

  12. I wish. By the time I had time to get to a PC, it was sold out. I’ll have to try and acquire a set second hand.. Shouldn’t be too hard.

    1. Definitely not hard, but costly. Somewhere north of $100 seems to be where folks are setting their “buy now” prices on ebay. Bids seem to be heading that direction too

  13. Accidentally managed to add two sets to cart. Once I noticed I wasn’t going to risk removing one and starting the process all over. Oh well one top open and one to net me some cars I missed out on.

  14. Oh man, I have been lucky in the past with RLC purchases, but this was a shit show- I guess because it’s Mattel, maybe they use Hasbro computers? Or maybe they bought Fisher Price servers? Stoked I finally got my two sets, but it was a nail biter- WTF is so hard for a giant corporation to have a working website? Just venting, like I said, I haven’t had problems in the past, but read so much about them.

  15. All the cars in this set are going for Big Bucks individually & as a Complete Box Set on the auction sites. I will save 1 box and find a plastic display container to store it in with other HW’s I have collected in the past and one box to open and display with it. Will put them in protectors and keep them carded. This is not a post to brag,but to say how glad I am to have gotten 2 box sets. Sorry those that wanted 1 missed out. 😔

  16. Sorry everyone had so much trouble. I would have been irritated having to go through that too. But I ended up passing on this set. While a neat concept adding a 6th car to each of last year’s Car Culture sets, the contents of this set did not interest me. The BRE Datsun and SVO Mustang are nice enough and I would have likely purchased those two off the pegs, but the set as a whole was not worth the hassle or expense for me personally. I’ll be waiting for the next Cars and Donuts, Race Day, Track Day or Japan Historics (that are not all pimped out lowriders).

    For those who were able to add these to their collections, congrats!

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