The Bugatti Veyron has become somewhat of a Hot Wheels legend. Are you a fan?

I did this showcase last weekend, but haven’t shared it here:

The Veyron had a bit of a reputation as a pegwarmer for most of its time in the Hot Wheels mainline.  That changed dramatically when word got out that the casting had been retired.  Demand began to grow, and as that was talked about, interest in the casting spread, creating even more demand.  Now certain releases fetch big amounts of money.

There really is no reason to argue with what collectors want to pursue.  That is up to them.  But the popularity of casting begs the question: Is this a nice casting?

I am not a huge fan, but that still didn’t deter me from collecting the casting.  I guess I bought in as well.

So where do you stand?

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  1. My guess is the allure is in the car it’s self. The Veyron, and Bugatti in general, is King in the super car world. The casting is subpar but the license is great.

    If the Veyron was not a real car, and that casting was a generic vice based on a real super car , it would still be warming pegs.

  2. i once read that an issue with the hot wheels veyron casting is that the actual car took longer than expected to be released so at one point, i think like 2-3 years before the official release, hot wheels had already made the casting but the car was delayed once again and during that time not only did they keep making mechanical adjustments but aesthitics too, so when it was finally released hot wheels just decided to release the casting they has already made instead of modifying it/ making a new one that resembles more the final model

  3. Not a fan at all. I wish I had picked a bunch up at the time just so I could squeeze ridiculous sums of money out of the suckers that want these.

  4. ^^pretty much sums it up. One reason it’s such a bad cast is because it’s based on the EB 18.4 Concept, not the Veyron. So it’s a model of an even uglier Veyron.
    I do have one in my collection, the mystery model i picked up for a quarter at a yard sale a while ago. It’s ugly, but the hype means I’ve held on to it.

  5. I am ok with the casting. It’s not like there is plethora of Bugatti castings to chose from and HW didnt make it hideous with weird colors or decals. It looks nice with the Edonis

  6. Poor casting in my opinion, larger back wheels are my pet peeve on HW cars……..why do it ? I have a few Veyrons in my collection but they are Siku and Burago, plus, you can’t get them here in England anyway.

  7. Only one I kept was the original release in black and red. Have found a couple for a buck at flea markets over the years.

  8. I have 2 of the 2003 First Edition Black & Red in a box somewhere. Those are the only ones I have. Saw plenty of the Walmart’s satin red ones and left them before the hype. 😞

  9. The casting was not based on the final production “Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron” but based on the concept “Bugatti EB 18/4 Veyron”. In relation to the production car, the concept had a lower front hood, higher grille with licence plate holder below, no pop-up rear spoiler, and no vents on the side of the rear lincense plate. When the Hot Wheels casting is compared to the “Veyron Concept” it doesn’t look so wrong, but could look better. Ironically, it was released in many colors but never the color of the actual 18/4 Veyron Concept: black main body with dark blue front frenders/doors/side-vent.

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