Here is your first look at the Matchbox BMW i8

Of all the 2018 New Models announced by Matchbox, one has gotten the most attention.  Or at least its the model I’ve gotten the most questions about.  It’s the BMW i8, and now we have our first look, posted by the Matchbox Team on IG:

Don’t pay attention to the color or interior.  This is an early prototype, and obviously forest green isn’t the color of choice.  There is more to learn, especially how the graphics will be done.  For now, ogle away.

(And no, I am not ignoring the F100.  I am very curious to see the changes.  Much-needed changes by the way.  More to come.)

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  1. Casting looks almost spot on (better than the GLE). I’m not a fan of the real car but this one for sure. I hope the first colour is white with blue and black trim. Very much looking forward to this.

  2. Speaking of F100, any changes on an old pickup castings means less metal on the bed as shown above which I am not fond of. One casting that really got affected on the less metal more plastic is the Toyota Land cruiser with plastic fenders which really mess it up as the color will not match with the body at all.

  3. It’s tough to tell from this angle, but the i8 looks to have shaped up nicely. I know they’re pre-pro colors, but honestly if you took that green a couple shades darker it’d look pretty nice as an actual production color, even though the real thing doesn’t come in a green. The F100 actually looks like it got off relatively unscathed in this retool, I’ll be interested to see it in more detail.

  4. I hear ya on the lesseing of metal on retooling and sure hope the f100 survives looking good on the other side. I think this green on the f100 is AWESOME, so maybe it will come out in the future in this color. I sure hope the grill isn’t a victim of the metal diet. Note, on the beds of the trucks some cheap acrylic paint from the hobby store can be made up to match the color pretty well, and seeing as this one is part of a 5 pack, well it will be loose around my house, so I might just do that painting. I can’t wait to see both of these in person and see that i8 with its opening doors later I hope.

  5. This car will be in black first. That roof will get painted. Their going to want the best look first. I guess you could do white or white with a black roof.

  6. I was very interested in Matchbox doing an i8, because the prototype looked like it would have opening doors. Sadly, either I missinterpreted the earlier pictures or they scrapped the idea of that feature; it just looks a bit underwhelming.

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