The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites line is coming. Pay attention to your Toys R Us stores.

Hot Wheels just announced another special line commemorating its 50th year, and this one should be a collector fave.  Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites appears to be a Car Culture-ish take on the 50th Anniversary lines, with a focus on current collector favorites.

The details are at, but it is essentially this:  There will be two mixes, the first releasing at Toys R Us exclusively in April (other retailers in June), and the second in September.  This line appears to be TRU’s baby, because the while the second mix will be available everywhere, there will be a special color of the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser only available at Toys R Us.

The mixes are as follows:

Mix 1 (April at TRU, June everywhere else):

  • ’56 Chevy®
  • ’60s Ford Econoline Pickup
  • ’71 AMC Javelin
  • ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon
  • Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback

Mix 2 (September):

  • ’55 Chevy® Bel Air Gasser (exclusive color at TRU)
  • ’65 Ford Galaxie
  • ’69 Camaro®
  • 1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck
  • Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus

If I had to pick the two most popular castings currently, I would say the 510 Wagon and the ’55 Gasser, and both are here.  Add to that a nice variety of muscle, VW, and classics, and this is a very nice line.  I am especially excited to see the ’71 AMC Javelin return.  It has been way too long.

I am sure more details will be out soon, including – I hope – a nice preview of the models.


21 Replies to “The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites line is coming. Pay attention to your Toys R Us stores.”

    1. They are not as rare as you think. I’ve been to Kmart a lot and they seem to restock them every few days.

  1. There aint no way in hell I’m finding these, especially that 510 Wagon! I’ll be lucky enough to find just one.

    1. I think case have a lot of cars as everytime I’ve seen Kmart restock them, there are usually around 5 of each cars on the shelf.

  2. Very nice. Finding them will certainly be an issue, but it’s worth a try. If they’re findable, I’ll probably pick up all but the ’56 Chevy and the drag bus…those are collector faves that have just never been my cup of tea. That Squareback looks awesome!!

  3. Awesome. I’m glad to see the good Javelin casting getting some use again. That’s one I’ll probably want two of.

  4. Just thought of something. Wouldn’t it be nice if Hot Wheels had included a wheel pin on these just like it was in 1968. It would really make a great 50th anniversary set.

  5. I wish they would have done a modern take, on each of the “original sixteen ” as part of the fiftieth anniversary.

  6. Wondering if I should just see if I can order a case from A&J and sell the others on ebay or try to return to TRU. Hate to try to cheeze it that way, but as these special sets either never make it to Boston or are snapped up quickly, it may be the only way…

    (I have yet to see a single Cars & Donuts, Modern Classics, 2018 Zamac 50th Anniversary, JH 1 or 2 or Holiday collection car at any of the 15+ stores I regularly check)

  7. Good luck finding any of them is stored in a major market, I seriously feel that Hot wheels underestimates the demand for these premiere models, perhaps intentionally, which only feeds the secondarry market.

  8. They’ve turned up in Australia and I saw 5 Datsuns on the pegs…USD7 here (AUD9). They’re probably stocks that TRUS have hived off because they cant pay cash for them.

  9. I agree with Larry.. Toys R Us is going down the toilet. Anyway, I’ve found them at Kmart over Easter long weekend where as TRU haven’t even seen them. There was lots of Datsun on the pegs and they also sold Cargo carriers as well. Ofcourse, they are sold on eBay at some inflated price. Yes, I think Toys R Us will be shutting down in Australia as well.. I’m looking forward to second batch to arrive.

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