Looking forward to more Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprints. The first two are a good start.

It seems every couple of months now Hot Wheels releases a new must-have casting for me.  Some are in basic, but most are in premium lines.  It goes without saying that most are in Car Culture, but home runs seem to come from all kinds of places.

You saw me go batshit bonkers over the Hako Wagon this week, and I will continue to say that has bolted to the top of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels castings.  It securely holds the top spot.  There are other premiere castings that have jumped up that list too.  Off the top of my head, I think of the Merc 190E, the two new castings in JH2, the Bugeye Subaru, and the Ford Transit Supervan.


To round out that list I’ll add the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint.  It debuted in the first Forza HW Entertainment mix, and recently popped into Car Culture.  Both releases highlight how brilliant the casting is, and what a good designer Mark Jones is.  The subtle sagging slope of the rear of the car is what does it, just like the slight reverse rake of the Supervan.  It’s in the details.


All I do when I look at the Alfa is just think that this casting needs to keep on coming.  We need plain red for sure, along with whatever crazy vintage racing look would work.  But keep it premium.  Maybe this?  (With black steelies of course.)


I’ll keep dreaming, but this is a casting that needs to keep on coming.  In fact, it is one of those, along with the others I mentioned, that needs to jump into that Convention/RLC realm.  That will be some nice variety.


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  1. Agreed. Brilliant casting, but there should be more Alfas and non-exotic Italian stuff. Maybe a ‘Then & Now’ ’70 and ’18 Giulias?! There are scores of other fascinating and interesting Italian cars most Americans know little to nothing of. It’s a great opportunity for automotive education!

  2. The version from Cars & Donuts is one of two from that batch that have eluded me (the other being the Impreza) and I’m thinking the time has passed for me to find it in the wild, which is unfortunate. I do have the Forza version, so I know how fabulous the casting is and I also hope to see more of it. While they’re at it, the orange brand needs to use their version of this more too, and not just in a recycled deco. It deserves more of a comeback than that.

    1. Ben, I am also missing the Subaru too, although keeping an eye out for it. I have seen a few of the Alfa’s still in the wild. Unbelievably enough, like the Entertainment series, it is a slight pegwarmer (don’t know why).

      If I find a C&D Alfa, want me to pick one up for you?

  3. Hey Ben and Joe, both(actually the full set of donut cars) are shelf warmers around me, so don’t give up, go check out Kroger since they don’t seem to have a price change charging in for the “new” price point of Car Culture, if you don’t have a Kroger, get me a shout out, perhaps I need to get you guys sorted, as long as you are in the USA that is.

    1. Hi Chris, this message is also for Average Joe, Ben, and any other that is honest and would like to help out. I’ve been thinking for a while how to established an exchange place, meaning helping out other collectors. Like you mentioned, seems that the distribution is different by areas. I’ve been blessed enough to find most of the stuff I’ve been looking for, yet I constantly read many people are having trouble finding stuff. And Ebay is a scalper rip-off. I am willing to get the stuff for anyone that needs them and ship them at no cost, just getting reimbursed for the price, tax and shipping. I don’t mind sending Supers, or any premium as long as I get reimbursed. I am honest, but not sure if others will abide by honesty. Any suggestion how to start that exchange place?

      1. Hector and AverageJoe,

        Awesome offer from both of you guys, and I appreciate it. At the moment I’ve got a buddy who might be able to send some stuff my way, so I might be all set for the moment. I do like the idea of an exchange though. In response to Steven Kraft…maybe it’s just me being technologically challenged, but I wasn’t able to find any activity newer than 2016 concerning Live and Let Diecast’s exchange program, and even that was only one or two posts. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong thing, so a link would be helpful because I’d definitely be interested in such a resource. Thanks all!

    2. Hey Ben and others who wants to do HWEP, LaLD is a blogger for die cast lover and all you need to do is go to the website and request authorship and once granted you can share your collection and also request to see if anyone has the specific model you are looking for. Sometimes members who have extras will let other members know via post. That is how HWEP works.

  4. A favorite casting of mine as well. I have both of them and regret not getting the white one by matchbox in their mainline. When it came out as a Matchbox premium it never showed up in Our Toysrus. I also agree that HW should do one in a steelie as that would also look great.

  5. I also have both of these, and would love to see a version like you’ve shown! The plain white roundels are cool, and the black Real Rider steelies from the blue Forza Porsche Speedster do exist…

    1. That bummed me out too, but I really loved the silver (and hated the Forza logos..). I just today added (white) headlights, (red) taillights, (yellow) turn indicators and (black) front grills with 1mm Montana acrylic paint pens, and it has been transformed! It actually turned out a bit better, to my eye, than the stock tampos (dot matrix ink jet??). Of course, you have to open the blister to accomplish this…

  6. I like these 2 so far. Only found 3 Cars and Donuts, this one at a Walgreen’s and 2 at AutoZone the Subaru and McLaren. Left the McLaren, c’mon even the mainline has painted taillights.

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