Hot Wheels’ 2018 Super streak continues with the Indy 500 Oval Super TH

It’s been a good year for Supers Treasure Hunts.  The ever-popular Datsun 620 started it off, and since then we’ve been on a hot streak.  But I think I have said that with every Super Showcase I have done this year.

If someone showed me a list of the first five Supers of 2018, I would have been down with the first four without seeing them: Datsun 620, Chevy Nova, Porsche 934.5, Mustang GT, and Nissan Skyline C110.  But the Indy 500 Oval would have had me worried.  Maybe not 16 Angels or Velocita worried, but worried.

Alas, it’s awesome.  It is like the pitcher who is pitching a perfect game and is saved when the shortstop snags a grounder in the whole and throws out the runner.  That grounder was going into leftfield, but that shortstop, played beautifully by the Gulf Racing livery, saved the day.

And like the Dodge Van Super sporting Mooneyes livery a few years ago, this Gulf Super is a treat:


Great use of the 4-spokes, as well as the bright orange base.  It is that orange that makes this work.  Do anything else with the wheels and base and it isn’t Gulf.  And with Ford GT’s and Porsches getting a lot of Gulf love, this Indy Car adds beautifully to the mix.

So for me, this hits all the right notes for a Super.  Don’t make it a Super for Super’s sake.  Make it memorable.  This one certainly is.


(Look for this one in F Cases, including the upcoming Kmart cases.)


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  1. I’ll grab it if I see it, but maybe something differently besides the use of 4 spoke wheels for this application, IMO.

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