Of course a set of Zamacs is needed to celebrate Hot Wheels’ 50th. Here is that set.

How do you celebrate 50?  If you are Hot Wheels, there are a million ways to do it, and they picked just about all of them.  Special lines, special models, special packaging, Best of lines, secret models, etc.

And Zamacs.  Zamacs have become a thing for Hot Wheels collectors.  Like other signature Hot Wheels models, like Super Treasure Hunts, Walmart’s exclusive line becomes one of the most sought-after sets each year.  It is just cool to see our favorite models in the raw, enhanced with simple graphics.  They surely got me.  I’ve added every Walmart Zamac to the collection since the exclusives started a few years ago.

So it makes sense that Hot Wheels will go beyond that this year.  The 18 mainline Zamacs are coming, but so is this special 8-car set.  In fact it might already be here.  You just need to check.

8 models, all raw, all with flames, and all muscle cars, with the Big Three represented.  A total throwback, and it’s great.

This is another set that will be hard to open.  The art is spectacular.  But, alas, I opened them anyway.  And yeah, they look great.

Look for these this month at Walmart in the US, other stores internationally.





11 Replies to “Of course a set of Zamacs is needed to celebrate Hot Wheels’ 50th. Here is that set.”

  1. I just found these at Walmart in Canada over the weekend and they are super cool. $1.25 here – mainline price. I’m glad to see some older muscle car castings that have been absent for a while.

    It’s interesting that the engine of the Duster Thruster is still a separate piece. I thought that would’ve put them over their four-piece body quota for mainline-priced releases.

  2. I’d be interested in these but for the colored windows. I’d have preferred clear windows and brightly colored interiors if they had to have bright colored plastic.

    As is, I will pass on them.

  3. I can’t fault them for the casting choices…these arguably are the most appropriate of all the various “50th Anniversary” sets we’ve been seeing, and there are some good ones here. But I agree with Land Ark…at my very first glance, I was dismayed to see all the wacky window colors. That said, I will still pick all of these up (provided I get to them all) because the ZAMACs are the only thing I am a completist of. Overall, can’t complain, especially if these are indeed mainline price.

  4. Hah, I just saw the card art- I’ll grab two sets if I get the snowball’s chance in hell to find them in the wild

  5. Well the good news for anyone living in the UK is that there is ample stock of these new Zamacs in various stores, so much so that I guarantee everyone who wants a set will be able to do so VERY easily. The bad news of course is that we are always ripped off here when it comes to Mattel products, these Zamacs cost the equivalent of…. 4.51 US Dollars!!! 🙁

  6. The art is nice, but otherwise an easy pass for me. It’s a celebration of Hot Wheels’ 50th, so I get why they have to do these, but they’re just not for me. Hopefully those that are into this sort of thing dig em’.

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