Don’t get sick of the Hot Wheels Datsun 510 just yet. You need this RLC Membership model with Neo Real Riders.

  • February 2017 – Datsun 510 Kmart Collector Day Mail-in Exclusive.
  • October 2017 – Datsun 510 Convention Exclusive
  • October 2017 – Datsun 510 RLC Real Riders Exclusive
  • January 2018 – Datsun 510 Car Culture Japan Historics 2
  • February 2018 – Datsun 510 RLC Membership Exclusive
  • Winter 2018 – Datsun 510 RLC Car Culture Box Set Exclusive

In one year, Hot Wheels has given us six premium Datsun Bluebird 510 models.  That is quite a change from what was considered an all-time pegwarmer a few years ago.

Queue the “this-is-too-much” comments.  It probably is, but can you argue with Hot Wheels when collectors just gobble them up?  And I mean GOBBLE THEM UP.  They ran out of Kmart models last year, the Convention and RLC models from last year command three figures on ebay, and you know what has happened with Japan Historics 2.  And I don’t think I am off-base saying that the BRE model in the Car Culture Box Set will be in high demand.  Hell, Hot Wheels could put it in the next three conventions and it will still be a hit.

So it is no surprise that the Datsun 510 is the RLC Membership model for 2018.  If being a member isn’t incentive enough – it should be, based on what is coming – the 510 should bring a few in.


And it’s a beauty.  It dons the most underrated of HW spectraflame colors, olive green, mixed with matte black on the roof, and sits on the brand new Neo Real Riders.  It’s a stunner.


And there are 17,500 of them.  That is a lot.  But there is a reason.  This is the only membership car, unlike previous years, when there were at least three colors, produced in very limited numbers for limited memberships.  This year?  One model, one color, and heavily produced to ensure those that want to join the Red Line Club can.  Obviously it could sell out, and it might, but my guess is those that want to join will be able to.  Just don’t hold off.

Of course I opened #159, which is a relatively low number, but when Mattel sends you the model to preview, you do what you have to:

Pretty, right?  It’s a great model for sure, and while Hot Wheels is trying, I’m still not sick of this model.

Six in a year is pushing it, but I’m still in:


And yes, that last model is the BRE 510 from the RLC Car Culture set.  Don’t miss that “RLC” in the title there.  If the pretty olive green 510 doesn’t incentivize you to join, maybe that red, white, and blue model, along with its four Car Culture compatriots, will.

See you all on Tuesday.


5 Replies to “Don’t get sick of the Hot Wheels Datsun 510 just yet. You need this RLC Membership model with Neo Real Riders.”

  1. I grew up in the Mopar & Muscle Car era. But I must admit that the 510’s have a special place in my heart. When gas was almost $5.00 a gallon most of us dumped our so called gas gussers and went small. That is where JDM stole most our hearts. Our car manufacturers almost went by the wayside. Then they all started going small and our Mopar & Muscle Car faded for awhile. They are coming back now,but still have a ways to go.Our so called gas gussers are the ones we seek at all the car shows now.I LIKE EM ALL. GOOD LUCK ALL TOMORROW INCLUDING MYSELF for FEB13,2018.

  2. Suppose i’ll be joining again.. got’a keep it going. The Bluebird looks cool in Spectaflame like that so i’ll take it!

    I assume the RLC Car Culture set will debut from the HWC on a future Tuesday sometime in the next few weeks, correct? I need it.. I need it! I want to know when??!! I bet it’ll sell out & it predict it won’t last.. we’ll see!

  3. Was able to renew my RLC Membership today. Let the guessing begin as to what will be the 1st offering. As Wheaterz mention above I wouldn’t mine if the RLC Car Culture was first. If you have not joined do not DILLY DALLY AROUND,because the 17,500 Memberships will not last long.GOOD LUCK ALL.

  4. I have never joined the RLC before but when I found out that it included the 510, that was the enticement that made me join.

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