Lamley Preview: 2018 Hot Wheels Mix F notable (Gulf-y) models

While Hot Wheels 2018 Batch E is hitting stores now, time to prepare for Mix F.  I have an unboxing coming soon, but for now, here are some of the notable models to add to the want list.

And thanks everyone for your patience with me.  A hectic work schedule and a transition in the Lamley office has meant I am behind on features.  It culminated with a facetious “new 9-pack packaging” post, that I hope you weren’t too annoyed with.  I’ve got some very cool stuff coming, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, the YouTube Channel is full of new stuff.  The videos are easier and quicker to put together so I have kept up on them.  I don’t post everything here because I like to accompany them with photos on the blog.  So the photos are coming.

Thanks everyone!

10 Replies to “Lamley Preview: 2018 Hot Wheels Mix F notable (Gulf-y) models”

  1. It’s hard for me to care about any of these while I’m still searching for the Cars and Donuts that was hyped up here so much (for good reason) and then completely disappeared. I’ve been to so many Walgreens but always leave empty handed. Is it true that Hot Wheels pulled them in light of JH2 because the pricepoint of C&D was lower and now CC is $5.50+? Can this be addressed please? I’d really like to find some of these models to buy, but HW doesn’t seem to want people to find them because I cannot find them anywhere. Certainly haven’t seen them at the big stores. This is turning me off any of the premium HW models to be honest. Why should anyone be getting excited when we are never going to find them?

    1. I bought a full set online. I don’t even bother looking for anything other than mainlines in brick and mortar retail. The time and fuel you spend, not to mention the frustration of not finding anything is easily traded for the cost of shipping.

  2. Some pretty good stuff, although the follow-up deco for the custom Firebird is disappointing. I’m finding it hard to get too excited for this stuff though because I feel so far behind…it feels like a L O N G time since anything new has shown up in any significant numbers at my local spots. And I share Joe’s frustration with not finding any premium stuff.

  3. Same story my local k mart just put f mix out, they had empty pegs since xmas what happened to B, C, D, E , and f mix was cleaned out in 2 days so it’s not been a good start to the year. On a side note have mattel released the 2018 list yet feels late

  4. I’m still waiting for the E case that’s “supposedly” hitting stores right now as you mentioned. I’ve been to three Targets over the last few days (including my own) and they’ve all restocked with old B and C case cars! What’s the deal? I also went to a Toys R Us and got severely beat to it and was left with nothing but E case fantasy cars! Then I get a call from a friend of mine over an hour away and brags, “Oh I just found the new E case cars, I found twelve of them.” It’s like, well why aren’t they hitting my area? Why can’t I say the same thing? Why did our stores go backwards? Mattel’s distribution is just horrible! It seems like it’s getting worse and worse with every passing year! Walmart’s a joke for most of the year except for maybe the two times they actually get new stuff; during Christmas and in the middle of the summer.

  5. WEnt to WM other night – they had things on the pegs that were beat all to crap and said “NEW FOR 2015!” Also 16 and 17. And a bunch of Hoilday cars from various years? IDK. Disgusting. Did manage to pick up 5 new M2s and wondered why I didn’t get the 6th when I got home. Maybe next week if still there. MBs were not new but not as old as the HW. No dump bins, a lot of empty pegs in teh more expensive. I assume the stroe is getting ready for a reset and needs to sell off the old stuff? Hope so – would love to see some 2018 cars. And the ABC cases are probably gone to the scabs that pay the employees to help them out.

    Wish a TRU was closer than 35 miles. And the closest target (30 miles) is horrible for cars of any sort. Usually less than a caseload on the pegs at any time. 2 or 3 of anything over a dollar.

    Have to pay the evil bay probably. First world problems

    1. Why would you pick up 5 M2s? While you may not be paying employees to give you cars, you’re not too many steps above. That kind of shit is the reason folks like the rest of us never find what we want. I’m overjoyed to walk away with 1 of each model I want. I couldn’t fault you for taking maybe 2 (one to open, the other to keep carded) but seriously? 5? Come on, man.

    2. OK, please disregard my comment! It just dawned on me that you meant M2 the brand, not the BMW M2. I don’t even know when the Hot Wheels M2 comes out, I just kind of saw that combination of letters/numbers, saw red, and shot from the hip

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