The new Matchbox 47 Chevy Pickup is finally out

A few weeks ago I previewed the new Matchbox Chevy Trucks 100 Years set, and a few days afterwards it appeared at Walmart.

Well, most of it did.  Many of you noticed the new casting in the set, the ’47 Chevy AD 3100 was missing.  And you didn’t just get a messed up case.  After talking to the Matchbox Team, they told me the first batches, for whatever reason, didn’t include the ’47, and it would show up later.

Well, later is now.  I came across the Trucks set at a nearby Walmart today, and was happy to see the ’47 included.


The casting is a beaut, and it is finally out.  Couple that with Batch B hanging on the pegs as well, plus a new 9-pack, and Matchbox is hitting the stores hard.  Keep an eye out.

5 Replies to “The new Matchbox 47 Chevy Pickup is finally out”

  1. Why do Matchbox insist on filling a 9 pack with cars that collectors may have already bought singly, and one car that is new ? A lot of people will want the Evoque and as an Englishman I do collect Land Rovers, but as about 5 of them are kids toys this makes it expensive for collectors. I’m not sure what this would cost in the US, $9-10 maybe ? Here in England they would be £12 ( $15.50 ), so if Matchbox are giving us cars that we may have already bought why not do the packs in alternative colours to the mainlines, it’s not rocket science !
    Daily rant over, I’m off to look at the Majorette police 5 pack that I’ve just bought.

  2. Check out Walmart and still bare on Hot Wheels and no new case on Matchbox B case nor restocking of the chevy truck.

  3. It’s encouraging to hear the ’47 wasn’t included in the early cases…thought I just had rotten luck or was getting beat to the stores when I couldn’t find them. I’ve picked up the other models from that set that I want, so hopefully I’ll be able to find that one now.

  4. IF the Chevys hit my Wal-Mart they were all taken undoubtedly by Hot Wheel scalpers. All the Seagraves, Cudas, Jeep military, minis, vette police all taken too. 🙁

  5. All the walmarts here have nothing, zero, zilch, nada. No special edition chevys, no car culture, no new cases of HW, no new Matchbox (okay, I saw two globe travelers), but distribution out here has been either non-existent or hoarder heavy. Plenty of Marvel and plenty of Star Wars.

    Regarding the ’47 chevy, it is an easy pass for me. The bed is so high it completely throws off the look of the truck and I just can’t get past it. Compare to real pictures of a ’47 and follow that bottom window line and see where the bed lines up. I’m actually surprised the design team let this slide.

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