More 2018 Hot Wheels multipack models have emerged

Lamley Reader and friend Ben Wright from Sydney, Australia, sent pics of this new 20-pack he found:

Multipack 20

Lots there, and quite a few models I haven’t seen yet.  Among them, a purple Porsche 911 and a green RX-7.  Both look to be multipack exclusives, considering they sport decos from models released in previous years.  The RX-7 is a recolor of the blue model released in 2017 and the Porsche a recolor of the 2013 release in orange.  The Mustang is a recolor as well.  I love when they do that.


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  1. I’ve been noticing the multipacks this year have had limited and sometime zero fantasy castings in them. Since adults buy multipacks for gifts anyway, by putting recolors of desirable models in them and limiting the fantasy models Mattel can really start forcing collectors’ hands.
    I’ve already bought several packs for the exclusives. If they put several exclusives in them and other in demand castings, people will be even less hesitant to pull the trigger.

  2. Yeah, they’re forcing my hand too. There are a few Lamborghinis that are multi-pack exclusives- Blue Veneno, Light Green Urus, Orange Aventador- as well as the new Lancia Stratos deco. I have yet to find a pack that has more than one of them, though. And I hate buying a 10-pack for just one car if I don’t have to.

  3. Bought just one multi (a 9-pack) because of its RS1600 yellow Escort. There were three others that I liked but have since emptied the thing out & put in nine Boneshakers(one an exclusive Joker type in purple).

  4. That Porsche!!! Oh my gawd!!! I need to have it. I just need that one. Will be looking everywhere for it. May even consider buying the whole 10 pack if required (if it doesn’t show up in 3 packs).

  5. The Mustang is actually not a recolor. It’s the multipack exclusive 1967 Shelby GT500. I’m looking forward to that Porsche and RX-7. I’m also looking forward to the lime green FD RX-7, even though it’s not a multipack exclusive.

  6. Oh there are plenty of multipaks out there with the crapola fantasy castings.. sharks and rats anyone as well as you know muscle tone, you get my drift the good stuff tends to stall out at around 4 cars, then you get 5 cars of either repackaged mainlines or… sharkrats.

    1. Not true. I’ve been seeing plenty of 9-packs with not a single fantasy car in them. And while it’s of course subjective which licensed models are worthy of collecting, it’s a fact that the multi-packs have been skewing more toward realism of late.

    1. I do love that Jaguar, but yeah, would be nicer without the oversized rear wheels. I want to love the Aston, I love the idea of GT endurance racers (i.e. Mercedes-AMG GT3, Cadillac ATS-V R… give us more!), but this one I’ve collected very sparingly. Just seems to have odd proportions. Too small?

  7. Lots of good stuff in that one…not enough that I’d buy the 20-pack, but I’m hopeful some of those exclusives will make their way into 9-packs. As others above have said, I’m delighted that recent 9-packs have been stuffed so full of genuinely desirable models. I’m perfectly happy to pick one up occasionally, even if it contains a couple less interesting cars. I hope HW keeps this up.

  8. I just bought one of these new 20 packs in Figtree NSW Australia. It has 3 new exclusives (Porsche 911 GT3, Mazda RX-7, Mazda Furai … these are brilliant!); 4 new cars from 2018 F & G case (95 Mazda RX-7, 32 Ford, Kafer Racer, Corvette C7.R) while we’re waiting for D case singles to land; and 7 other exclusives from the 10-packs we’ve already seen. Only 5 generics. They had several packs on the shelves, all with slight differences in content.

  9. My favorite here has got to be the Vee Dub Kaifer Racer in white, followed by the Porsche. Purple wouldn’t be my first choice, but I love this casting and it is something different. Love the Jag in satin light blue and I’ve picked that up in a 9pk. The lime green FD RX-7 and yellow Mopar Challenger look great, but of course those are in the mainline. The Alfa 8C Competizione is nice blast from the past. The Lancia Stratos is always nice to see, but it just reminds me how much I’m itching for a clean release of this model. I like the SA RX-7 casting well enough, but this green isn’t doing much for me.

  10. What about the CRX? Don’t think we have seen that one in matte black yet. I bought a 20 pack just for that one. I had to search till I found one with enough other cars to justify the purchase though

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