Tomica Limited Vintage is set to release another epic truck. Better get it now.

I have touted Tomica Limited Vintage for awhile now, and I promise that won’t stop.  Quality-wise it remains the best 1/64 brand out by a mile, and I don’t see any competitors.

Every month, TLV releases a new batch, sometimes with great fanfare – think Super Silhouettes or other vintage racing cars – and other times quietly.  And many of you have hopped on the bandwagon.  You might not pursue everything, but you at least have your thing.  Maybe a particular carmaker, or era, or car type, or whatever.  Whatever it is a particular collector pursues, there is rarely disappointment.

But as fun as collecting TLV can be, it is next level when it comes to TLV trucks.  Remember, Tomica Limited Vintage sticks strictly to scale.  So when they do a city bus or a full-sized hauler, they do it in scale.  That means some models can be massive.

And the next massive must-have is coming.  TLV announced its May 2018 lineup, and in it is the mind-blowing Hino HE366 Wing Roof Trailer.  It’s large, it’s detailed, and yes, it’s expensive.  But like the other massive TLV trucks, it is totally worth it.  And it is now available to reserve at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage May 2018 Pre-Order Page at Japan Booster

The collector in you just wants it.  The kid in you just wants to play with it.  It’s insanely cool.

And I promise, as pricey as it is, this is the time to get one if you want it.  Prices on models like these skyrocket.  We have seen it with the other 5-car Hino Haulers TLV has done, as well as the Nissan Atlas Safety Loaders.  These are scooped up in Japan, and become difficult to get almost immediately.

And don’t ignore the other models coming in May.  Two Skyline sedans and two Isuzu Bellets.  Have at it, and be sure to check they other pre-sales as well.

6 Replies to “Tomica Limited Vintage is set to release another epic truck. Better get it now.”

  1. I absolutely love it, but it is WAAAAAAAAY out of my price range. I’ve said it before, but it’d be so cool if there was some kind of American equivalent to this. They’d make nice counterparts to one another, and would be great for “hauling” some of the great AutoWorld models from the last few years.

    1. Check out DCP custom 1;64 semi trucks. That would be you American Equivalent. They are not cheap but they are amazing. I hope to pick up a few in the future to use with my AW as well.

      1. Those look really sweet…I don’t see any car carriers though. Regardless, those are some killer models.

  2. This truck looks great but as the previous poster stated it is really expensive and I do get it why it was priced like that due to number of opening features available but still wish it was priced less. This makes it hard to decide if it is worth paying the price for those features.

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