We will see a lot of Chevy Trucks in 2018. Here is Matchbox’s entry.

The Matchbox Chevrolet Trucks 100 Years set has been previewed, beautiful card art and all:

So let’s have a gander at the models.


This isn’t the only time we will be celebrating 100 years of Chevy Trucks with Mattel.  The blue brand has its own Walmart-only assortment as well, coming very soon (as is a preview here).  But let’s stay with Team Orange for now.

The set truly is great.  No hyperbole here, as the models represent old and new beautifully, and also look the part.  The new ’47 Chevy serves its purpose as a farm truck, the Stepside goes Squarebody with a stock look, and that follows through the other models.  The special logo on each is subtle, so the pickups speak for themselves.

Or sing for themselves.  Try to keep this out of your head:

Like a Rock.



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  1. Picked up 5 out of the 6 and I will back your opinion 100%! Of course the 47 was not there but as the Walmart employee told they just came in but there were only 9 in the system and I took 5. So that left me wondering, how many were in the box? I believed what he told me because when he brought those out my wife was looking for these stuffed animals for my dogs. When he brought everything out and it was ice cold like they were just unloading off the truck. Not sure if someone hijacked the box but I would think they were at least 24ct boxes.
    None the less I will find them eventually.

  2. At the Walmart by me, they had just been put on the pegs. There had been no ’47 in the batch. Because of that, I didn’t bother with the other 5. Perhaps I eventually will, but this is the sort of thing that I don’t understand. This is Mattel’s doing. Why have 6 in the line, but not include one of those six? Mattel has done this same thing with many of the Hot Wheels lines. For some reason they make one of the models hard or even impossible to find. What could possibly be the point?

  3. Im hoping my walmart carries these trucks sometimes they just don’t order those sets or the scalpers beat me to them i had to go to ebay for the walmart hotwheels Lamborghini set i was told at my Walmart they didn’t carry them i wish my store would get with the program half the time the car isles at my store are empty or have a over stock of them stupid spider man cars or take forever to put new cars out i will be looking for those trucks though i am a big chevy truck collector

  4. I’ve only seen the El Camino so far (boo). My local Walmart’s diecast isle is a complete dumpster fire right now. Every. Last. Peg. is filled to overflowing with the Hot Wheels camouflage series. And I’m not just talking about the Hot Wheels pegs…they’re shoved onto pegs that are supposed to be for Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, AutoWorld, M2…shit, even the Disney Cars pegs are rammed full of these camo cars. It honestly looks like someone just grabbed 20 cases of the damn things and just threw them wherever they would fit.

    1. That happens at WM sometimes.. just plain ridiculous! Makes you wonder who’s in charge.. apparantly, the person who does the ordering made a mistake or it was maybe a Mattel boo boo. Makes you want to get in there and take over.. I’d be pissed if I saw stupidity like that.
      I noticed also Disney Cars taking more peg space more than ever. I believe Disney somehow pays for that certain amount of shelf space. Don’t think they would like it too much if they found out WM sacrificed their area for boring camo HW’s cars.

    2. Whoa…really?? I remember when I saw tons of those a few months back. They are still lurking here and there, but in the WMs near me, it has overwhelmingly been Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. It is common to see 9-12 pegs or more dedicated to the premium Star War collection, and then above it the Halo, next to that the Batman (way overpriced) and below all those, the Despicable Me cars. Rammed and loaded full of Star Wars, with Star Wars overflowing on the top stocking shelf above all the pegs. Car Culture? Maybe 4-8 cars total. 2 pegs. It is a conscious choice to stock so little of these cars?

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