Lamley Saturday Showcase: All Hot Wheels Basic & Premium Licensed New Models in 2017

For your review, all the 2017 Hot Wheels Licensed New Models, this time both basic and premium.

I did the video to give the YouTube viewers a chance to vote, but if you haven’t voted, now is the time.  I included the Premium New Model Poll below, to give you a head start before the feature next week.  Enjoy.

The Premium Poll:

13 Replies to “Lamley Saturday Showcase: All Hot Wheels Basic & Premium Licensed New Models in 2017”

  1. The M1 Procar was real tempting, but the 190 Evo is a perfect companion for the E30 M3. Now we just need an Alfa 75.

  2. Still bummed at the votes the Huayra and Ford GTE are getting, really. Two of the better cars they’ve made this decade along with the custom Firebird. Only goes to show how far the process has come, and how good the rest are–so good, I think, that any one of those barring the Model X and Mustang convertible could be Best Licensed Mainline any other year. What a tight contest. Dream Team indeed.

    1. Nevermind, I was able to access them through the Explorer browser. Polls were not showing up in either Firefox or Brave.

      Back to the cars, some really great models this year and what I’ve seen so far coming for 2018 is getting me excited. No huge gamechangers, like co-molds on mainlines or new Ferraris, but some great cars and great new decos. I’ve already seen several that are going to end up on my life and make chasing them in stores fun again. Now to get on with building that 3rd wall rack!

      1. Thank you John, I found the poll the other day. Firefox wasn’t showing it for some odd reason, but Explorer worked. Much appreciated!

  3. Speaking of the premiums, it was nearly a tie between the Porsche 964 and the Subaru. Honestly, I’m a bigger fan of the Porsche…such a beautiful car. But even with that admiration, I have to admit the WRX is the nicest real-car-to-diecast I’ve seen from HW. Such a beautiful model. When I saw it demo’d in the video, it had that ‘wow!’ factor.

    I know the Mercedes seems to be most everyone’s favorite, and I do have it in the collection because I see it as a good model, but it doesn’t nearly have the wow factor that some of the others do. Seems a little bland to me actually, although very well done.

    1. This is exactly what I thought when I compared between the Mercedes and the WRX. The WRX just looks more stunning and exciting than the Mercedes.

  4. The Mercedes 190E Evo II. Almost everything came together with that one: brilliant casting, full front and rear tampos, new wheels, and of course the return of Mercedes at Hot Wheels.

    A very close second would be the Subaru WRX for me. An equally epic casting, but not nearly as significant as the Evo II.

  5. Another tough contest. I’ve whittled it down to a top 3. The BMW M1 Pro Car just misses the cut due to the missing front and rear tampos. With those it would be a perfect model.

    My number 3 is the Subaru WRX. I know… tough to call this one 3rd place. I love the “Bugeye” and this has got great proportions with a clean deco and non-modified look. Great! Perhaps it slid to 3rd because I’ve yet to find one to add to my collection and examine up close?

    My 2nd place goes to the Porsche 962. I can never have enough Porsche models! Wonderful new aero RealRiders and a near-perfect deco. The only thing that would have made it better would be a real-life racing livery. But I don’t see Hot Wheels advertising alcohol or tobacco anytime soon.

    In the top spot I’m putting the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16. Once again, like the WRX, a clean deco with no aftermarket modifications to the body. The black color was the perfect choice for this release. I think what pushed it over the top for me was how completely unexpected this model was. Such a wonderful blast from the past. My only gripe would be the oddly narrow/thin headlights. Not sure what that’s about.

    With such great choices for the 2017 poll, I’m looking forward with great anticipation for what 2018 has to come. Starting with Cars and Donuts hopefully soon.

  6. The 190 E is a casting for the ages. Spot-on proportions (almost like they shrunk the real thing), accurate and well-applied tampo, mirror-like paint quality (on my example, at least) and a set of some of the most stunning wheels ever to grace a Hot Wheels product. 10/10 for me.

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