Lamley Saturday Showcase: All 90 Hot Wheels Walmart Zamac Exclusives

90!  18 a year since 2013, and I hope it keeps going.  I picked a Top 5.  What are yours?

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  1. My favorite is probably the Heat Fleet Gasser, followed by the Porsche GT3 RS. I also really like the batmobile, but I’m okay without it in my small collection. Hot Wheels should do the Delorean as a zamac as it would be such a natural fit.

  2. Your Porsche pronunciation still needs help!!!!
    I’ve got 63 out of 90…it looks like most of the gaps in my ZAMAC collection happened as entire batches…if I missed one, I likely missed the other two of any given batch, which a couple exceptions. Of the ones I’m missing, I’d most like to get the Gulf-liveried GT LM and the custom Cougar racecar. Both are castings I LOVE, but I just wasn’t ever able to find them. This is the only ongoing series from either Mattel brand that I will collect all of, and I really hope Walmart keeps this series going indefinitely.

    My faves are definitely the simple ones…F12berlinetta, Porsche 993. I think my absolute favorite might be the Hurst wagon.

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