The 2018 Hot Wheels Holiday Models are out at Walmart

Here is a heads up for those of you who want to get festive with your Hot Wheels.  The 2017 Holiday models are out, and that includes the traditional New Years celebrating Carbonator for 2018.

I probably should have taken more pics of these models I found at Walmart, but with no licensed vehicles I didn’t stick around too long.  I was able to take a pic of the back of the card of one model just in case you want to know what to look for.

Jingle jingle.

12 Replies to “The 2018 Hot Wheels Holiday Models are out at Walmart”

  1. EHHH.. thanks, but no thanks… pass… no need to elaborate mentioning that pass on all of them… right? festive? with those wonderful Hot Wheels models? save 6 bucks plus tax…

  2. At least throw in one licensed model in there, better yet two. Or maybe put in a cool generic in there like the Purple Passion or Dairy Delivery. The Dairy could’ve been an eggnog delivery vehicle or something. Would’ve been way better than this.

  3. I was at a couple of walmarts the other day. I didn’t see any of the holiday vehicles, but what I did see was the pegs stuffed with the premium Star Wars (to overflowing), Batman, Despicable Me, and of course, Justice League.

    I don’t understand the distribution chain – zero Car Culture, zero Retro Entertainment (GT, Forza, movie cars), but literally overflowing with Star Wars and the like (it was so stuffed, they resorted to piling it on the overhead shelf. This is just a few days after some of the biggest shopping days of the year.

    Is there a reason why Hot Wheels chooses to distribute one but not the other? I think it makes a lot of sense to carry Car Culture – adults and kids can both get into it. In my book, for $3.29 – $5.99, it sure beats something like a Batboat for $7.99.

    1. Indeed, I thought the same thing. Those were the days. If they threw ONE licensed model in there, I would of definitely bought A SET. Now, it is a no-go.

  4. It wasn’t so very long ago that the Holiday assortments had some genuinely desirable models in them…there were a great many, but just one example that I like a lot (maybe irrationally so) is a metal-flake olive green Viper ACR that has an understated snowflake pattern deco. There’ve also been Camaros, Mustangs, even the red Datsun 240Z from several years ago. And now this.

    They don’t make ’em like they used to.

    1. The only one I own is a dark red Civic Si hatchback from a few years ago. But what you describe sounds incredibly more appealing than what is in stores today.

  5. I came across a dump bin full of these a week or so ago. Did I walk right past it? No, I did not. I stopped, I looked and then I dug. Dug deep down, down past all the “junk” until I hit pay dirt! There was a rich vein of case B gold running through that thar bin and I extracted an armload of it!

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