Proper Lamley Awards prep: Opening Supers.

It’s hard to take a good pic of a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt when it is stuck in the package.  Sure, value will decrease, but they sure do look better out of the package. Wheel Collectors sent some over, and proper prep was required.

Just a few more to go.

5 Replies to “Proper Lamley Awards prep: Opening Supers.”

  1. Seeing these features with a bunch of $upers together always reminds me how few I’m able to find. Of the ones shown here, I only have the Chevy II and the Camaro. Would’ve loved to find the C10 or Fairlady…

    1. Man.. love to have the Chevy II & the Camaro, but if I did.. I’d want others as well. I know it’s sometimes not feasible, but you can’t have them all but sometimes it’s addicting to the point that I do!

  2. With due respect to the Fairlady Z, that Falken Toyota truck is an absolute killer of an STH! I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes in the top 3 (if it does not win).

  3. My favs are the 67 C-10, Chevy II, Fairlady Z.. There are only a few I don’t like this year.. 16 Angels, Velocita, and that ugly blue Mustang.

    1. I know your entitled to your opinion but do you seriously dislike the 16 Angels,Velocita and the blue Ford Mustang or do you mean to say that you’re not excited about them. In this case there are some Hot Wheels items that I don’t desire owning which I admit and it’s not because I’m not fond of them it’s simply because I’m not excited about them. Just saying.

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