Let the Hot Wheels Japan Historics Countdown begin.

Considering the Greddy logo is on all five of the upcoming Car Culture Japan Historics 2 models, it is no surprise the Greddy has a few preview samples:

And of man this is an amazing set.  Those who attended the Convention last month saw them, and I got to spend a little extra time with them filming a video with the Marketing and Design Teams.  That will drop when we get closer to the release, but the excitement can start now.

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  1. The Laurel and Skyline Japan might be the first Hot wheels i ever buy online. Absolutely 100% no chance of finding them in store and they’re perfect.

    1. I pre-ordered the first Japan Historics set online and it was a wise choice, as i never saw a single one pegged. Might be the way to go for this one too, unless they’ve upped their distribution

  2. There’s absolutely no way I’m finding these in the store. Might have to order them on eBay or The Toy Peddler if I really want them. It’ll be hard enough to find just one of those hanging on the pegs.

  3. Not buying unless I find them Black Friday shopping. This constant JNC hype is really wearing me out. Time for Hotwheels to find another type of car to hype the hell out of. Don’t get me wrong, I like these Japanese cars but I’m tired of how they are clogging up the hobby.

    1. JNC makes it easy to save a few bucks for something else if you’re not into them. And I’m not either. Too many nice GL and M2 and AW castings to keep me satisfied. but let those who like them enjoy them.

    2. Good luck with Black Friday. I’ll be at home. No way am I going to get mixed up in that mess again. I’ve been involved with Black Friday three times in my life, with one as a stocker at Walmart, and I was tasked with opening the door that morning. I was nearly trampled.

  4. A *third* Car Culture RX3?!? Love the casting, but I would much, MUCH rather have seen them make a premium 1970 Toyota Celica… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for “Japan Historics 3” !!

  5. These look fantastic, and I’m really happy they went with cleaner decos for this set. The first set was awesome, but it’s cool to see some more stock-looking paint jobs. As others have mentioned extensively above, I’m doubtful about finding these pegged, so ordering might be the way to go once again. That first Car Culture batch (JH) was the only one that I never saw a single one of in stores…I’ll be curious to see if that’s the case again. I NEVER thought I’d see the Modern Classics batch hanging on the pegs, but they are (Mercedes & Porsche and all)…have they started pumping higher numbers of Car Culture out to the stores?

  6. These will be in stores.

    Distribution of the Car Culture lines has massively improved since the initial release. I’m seeing them everywhere these days. No worries.


  7. My comment never posted? Anyway… why a *third* Car Culture RX3?!? Love the casting, but I would much, MUCH rather have seen them make a premium 1970 Toyota Celica… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for “Japan Historics 3” !!

    1. Because the RX-3 only exists as a premium casting so far and the Celica only exists as a mainline one so far.
      I’d love to see a plastic base/mainline release for the RX-3 and a metal/premium one for the Celica in the future though.

      1. Why will it be a bit before we see another Toyota….? Just based on what we know about upcoming CC assortments, you mean?

  8. These are OK. I’ll likely buy them, but I’m not excited. I’m starting to feel a bit of Datsun/Nissan fatigue. Would LOVE to see something new (different). I mean 4 out of 5 are Datsun/Nissans and the Mazda 3 we’ve had in Car Culture before. How about some other Mazdas or Toyotas or Hondas? Even some Suzukis or Daihatsu’s could be interesting.

  9. Looking forward to this release. But I do agree with the Datsun saturation. Would love to see some vintage Toyota and Honda.

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