The November 4th KDay Hot Wheels are now available online

Just a quick heads up that the Kmart Collector Day 36-Count Hot Wheels Cases are now available for purchase at  I have tried to pull this up by searching on the Kmart website to no avail, but that link should work.

This set of exclusives is highlighted for sure by the blue Honda Civic, plus a nice set of first-to-market.  I am guessing this is a B Case assortment so the Nova Super could be in there as well.

UPDATE: Here is the browser link.


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  1. I am guessing this assortment doesn’t sell out as quickly as September’s. That Civic color just isn’t different enough from the first release for me to justify the cost. None of the other exclusives are of interest to me and the mail in isn’t special enough. If my KMarts hadn’t closed I’d go check it out, but I think I’ll pass on ordering the case.

    Of course if no one else is interest, that means the Civic will be “rare” and it’ll sell for $50 on eBay in 5 years.

  2. I have to admit, I did cave in and just ordered a case online. Only because the last K-Day for me was a total bust. Over twenty people and only one single master case! Which meant that there were only four lousy cases of cars for the entire group! What a joke! Not going to K-Day again! Plus, the whole environment of K-Days isn’t justified. Typically middle-senior age men with greed and obsession getting into fights over little toy cars, just so they can hoard the sought-after ones and flip them online for double profit!

    1. I’m with you Roger. The blue is a totally different look then the teal, and a serious improvement Although that greenish teal color was a very popular in the 90s on the EG civics.

      I wonder if it we’re a 510 in a slightly different shade of color, if those cases would have sold out instantly…

      I ought.ine, aside from the Civic there should be some good cars. The surf crate is just cool, even though generic, is a great representative for hot rods. And the raptor in the Ecoboost livery is great, not to mention it matches the one found on the Forza Horizon 3 cover.

    2. That “nasty” aqua color you refer to is a very accurate representation of the actual Civic Si in Tahitian Green Pearl, while this “mid-tone blue” was never used on the real life car. This royal blue may make for a nice Hot Wheels, but it does not represent a real production model.

  3. Yeah, the Civic is WAY too similar in look to the debut to be worth shelling out for…steelies or not. The rest don’t really appeal that much to me, so this particular Kdays batch gets a big fat “meh” from me.

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