A look at the brand new Majorette Vintage 5-car Gift Pack

So this cool.  I have been a fan of the Diecast TV Channel for several years now.  Cobra, Eagle, and Falcon have been doing fantastic diecast-related videos from New Zealand for awhile.  And thing is for certain, they share the passion for diecast that has invaded me and many of you.

Recently Majorette’s Australia office contacted them asking them to showcase some of their new product, and the Team of 3 was more than happy to do that.  This is cool, because it has become very obvious that the way Majorette does things from region to region is different.  So the product that DCTV might review will be different than what we in the US or those in Asia or Europe might see.

Enter the brand new Vintage 5-Pack.  Majorette doesn’t go back in time much, but they did with this set, and DCTV has a review.  I have no idea if we will see it here in the US, but I hope so.  Enjoy the vid, and subscribe to DCTV.  I will try to share more of their reviews moving forward.

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  1. The vintage 5-pack looks great…but I need to go on broken-record mode here for a second…I am still extremely disappointed in the quality of the Majorettes that have showed back up on US shelves. So far I’ve bought 3 of them, and only one has been without issue…the purple chrome Dodge Viper is a treat, well worth it. But I also got the Renault DeZir, which doesn’t roll because the ass-end scrapes on the ground. And I also picked up the white Porsche 918 Spyder, which LOOKS awesome…but the orange accent graphics scrape right off of the car upon the most casual of contact with a fingernail, another car, etc.

    Majorette has GOT to get this shit together if they want $3.50 per vehicle. This is not a “Majorette vs. Hot Wheels” debate. It’s simple quality control. No product can be perfect 100% of the time, but if 2/3 of the examples one buys of a product are faulty in some capacity, there’s clearly a problem.

  2. I agree with Ben. They pale in comparison to $1.19 Matchboxes and Hot Wheels. The wheels look like something from a cheap Chinese toy of 15 years ago and the castings are “meh”. I was looking forward to them, but so far, disappointed.

  3. All the vehicles in the ‘Vintage Gift Pack’ are available as singles in Thailand – so the same might be true if they are sold in the US. The execution of the models is pretty crude compared to Matchbox, plus the laser disc wheels on the camper are just terrible. I’m not a fan of Majorette’s cars – I tend to only pick up their construction, city and emergency vehicles.

  4. This Majorette Vintage 5-car Gift Pack is available in Europe (France)
    Porsche and Type 1 are Killers. Alpine and Mustang are nice too. The hood of the Beetle is too short imo, and tampo on moon disc are an un-needed finish.

    And don’t forget the 4-car Exclusive VolksWagen Pack from “Muller” store (Germany) with Old Beetle, New Beetle, T1, T6.

  5. I bought the Abu Dhabi Ford Fiesta Rally car. A real lack of authentic rally deco’s in the US. Also picked up a couple Nissan Gt-R’s.

  6. I have had the exact opposite experience, than the 3 comments above, regarding my Majorette purchases. I own all the USA Series 1 vehicles, plus the Porsche Racing Hauler. I own all but 2 of the USA Series 2 vehicles, plus I have the Ford Fiesta Racing Hauler. I keep all of these vehicles on shelves at my work, so other collectors can enjoy them also. I have had ZERO quality issues with any of the vehicles or haulers. These cars have accidentally been dropped on hard tile multiple times, the paint hasn’t chipped, nor have the cars been damaged in any way. I really like the opening features and suspension that most of the Majorette vehicles have. I also like the excellent job they do with their paint and decos/liveries. Again, no issues with any aspect of the Majorette product I’ve purchased. I CAN say that I’ve spent twice as much on Greenlight product that won’t roll due to bad tires/axles and M2 product that literally fell apart in my hand once opened. I haven’t had a positive experience with either of those two brands.
    Majorette produces a quality product, with a lot of impressive features, at an appropriate price point. More than 40k people follow LamleyGroup. It’s important for everyone to know that a lot of collectors really enjoy the Majorette brand.

  7. I saw them hanging front to back filling the pegs weeks now. Speaks volumes around here. I must say, I WAS VERY interested when I heard they were coming back, just as I was and still am about JL. But, Majorette is still a freshman for now, I guess.

  8. I am hoping Majorette will release some of their recent castings in the US that are a little less mainstream than the VW Bug, 67 Mustang and T1 Bus. I am thinking about the Nissan Murano, Honda CR-V, and Toyota Corolla. So many companies produce the common collector castings, but precious few do the out of the ordinary diecast (yet mainstream real cars).

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