After a long dry spell, it appears Hot Wheels basics are hitting in droves at Walmart

Nice to see things returning to normal.  After a long summer in which dump bins seemed only adept to carrying Marvel character cars and Camo, and basics only appeared on trays, when they appeared at all, fall is here.  And so is the Hot Wheels product collectors are happy to pursue.

In the last 2 weeks, we have seen Forza/P Case bins, Spiderman/Q case bins, and Zamac/Q Case bins hitting at Walmart stores all over the place.  As well as P and Q Cases at Target.  And collectors are out hunting.  And finding.  And finding a lot.

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  1. I just found a Super Velocita single at a Target which creates a personal record.. for a total of three! What was interesting is that I found two of them in the sae dump bin and extra weird is that one of them has a double card.. Rare!
    I do like the Velocita for a non-license, but really want to find the ’67 Camaro Fifty.. that would be cool!

  2. I found a Forza Javelin and a Datsun 620 in satin black. Old news to most, but that’s all I wanted in the bins. These bins were fresh – cars in bottom were still laying flat. That Firebird is my next goal. Other than that, not much I’m after right now till new stuff starts showing up. Local WM is now putting out 2016 JLs and AWs… Wow. About time??? That didn’t stop me from getting them though since I’ve only recently started on the “high dollar” cars.

  3. Wow surprised to see my pic posted, too cool thank you

    Found in the one case Walmart had stocked that evening as rarely see bins here in Canada

  4. Where I’m from, the supers would most likely be lifted off the cartons BEFORE they reach the pegs. Inside jobs are so prevalent !

  5. It’s nice to see all the fresh merchandise, but seriously, that fourth pic from the top f***ing infuriates me. Low-life assholes like that need to knock it off and let others at least have a fighting chance at some of these models. I don’t fault people who grab a couple of each..I don’t even have a problem with someone who grabs two Supers when they find them, but the kind of mindless grabbing of every single model that someone like myself would be interested in finding is just ridiculous.

    1. My reaction was pretty close to yours when I saw that too! You should check out the dudes IG page if you want to get really pissed!
      Its like.. “hey man, look at my cart, I grabbed half the dump bin & it’s full of every ZAMAC I can get my grubby hands on… now no one can get one of those..”.
      That’s just pure greed! And if you’re like me and believe in Karma.. I feel when you do stuff like that, it comes around and gets you when you least expect it to happen. Try something bad & see what happens!
      When I went WM to grab the only two Velocita Supers, I got only two Forza Xbox Falcons, even though there were about 15 total of them avail. There were about 12 ’67 Camaro’s but I did get 6 of them.. 2 for me, 2 for my son, the other two to maybe sell.. not a whole cart full!

    2. Yepp you said it perfectly! And the people who comment on those posts encouraging them are almost as bad. Nothing but greedy hoarders.

  6. Ben, I’m not sure he bought all of this stuff. I am doing the same thing when I want to decide which one from a dozen I’d like to pick. You know, little scratch here little deco error there. By the way, is it common in other parts of the world that AMG GT has awfully misplaced left headlights?
    One sad thing for me is that I’m hunting for hot wheels for over a decade and never seen STH…

  7. My Walmart is still dry as a bone- stoked to find two Matchbox FJ camo models somebody stashed up on the top shelf- FML

  8. Last night, the pegs were full of Spiderman. Pass. THe Matchbox had been restocked. Got a 510 with plain sides. Found an orage Formula Firebird with bird on hood – just didn’t want it enough. Bird kinda ugly, really. Found a 5 pack with a Chevelle convertible and 57 Tbird I don’t think I have. Got that. A couple of Moon M2 – the red 57 with flames and a yellow 55 210. Way to make a guy buy ANOTHER 55- 57 chevy. Went to the dump bins… HOLY COW Q case cars. HAd a BUNCH of zamac 67 Camaros (how many of THOSE do I really need- pass); a BUNCH of the 67 Firebird. Quickly thought about gettting them all and putting on ebay but decided I hated people that do that and got one for me and one for my office mate. Yellow 55 – ANOTHER 55 – that’s 3 in the last couple months. Best score in months. I guess the dump bins must have been freshly dumped becasue I’ve never run across so many currents at once. The bins were pailed over the opening. Couldn’t dig too much without messing up the cards and again – why mess it up for others – I got what I wanted.

  9. I found the Forza bins at a local Walmart a couple weeks ago. Was completely surprised by the find, as I was unaware these were coming. I snagged 2 full sets, 1 to open, 1 to keep on card. Great wave of exclusives! The P case cars in the bin were also a great score; Lamborghini Huracan, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes GT and Street Weiner. Unfortunately what was not found in that bin was also a big deal; no Hondas, Mazdas, Porsches, Datsun 620 or Nissan Fairlady.

    This weekend I find the bins refilled with the Spider-Man wave. Blech! I would have been perfectly happy to push those Spider-cars aside to get my hands on some wonderful Q case cars. To my dismay, after digging to the bottom of all 3 bins, a Camaro ZL1 and McLaren P1 are all I had to show for it. Where are all the aforementioned Hondas, Mazdas, Porsches and Datsun/Nissans?

    So far no zamacs. The hunt continues.

  10. Now why does Asda get it ass backward? I got those Forza cars on the 31st July and yet they’re not getting new mainlines for toffee.

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