Here is a look at what Matchbox showed off at JCCS.

One more little bit from JCCS.  From every account, the show was a blast.  Mild weather compared to the blistering heat of years past, an incredible crowd, and even more incredible cars.

It sounds like a lot of fun was had at the Matchbox tent as well, with many of you going home with special edition 510 models.  The Matchbox Team obviously brought the customs of the Custom Contest winners to show off, as well as a few upcoming projects they are working on themselves.

Thanks to my two good friends @jestersgarage, whose R30 won best 80’s Skyline at the show, and @hw_jay, Lamley’s Resident California Reporter, we have some pics of what Matchbox brought:

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@matchboxworld with all the customs winners on display

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Yep, that is an early prototype of the Nissan Leaf, coming in 2018, as well as updated versions of the Nissan Xterra and 280Z, both with opening features.

Then of course was the special Limited Edition 510 and, more importantly, the amazing customs from the winners.  Thanks to @lukeshotwheels for the video.

The blue brand made itself known too, with a few brand new R30’s floating around, one of which made it to the real thing.

Another great event down.  And I am only covering the small car part, which is truly about 1/100th of the main reason to go.

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  1. So the Nissan Leaf is brand new, but what about the 280 and the Xterra? I know Matchbox has done these castings before, but are they redone? Or are they new castings all together?

  2. Love the 280Z! Looks epic! Leaf looks good too. Not so sure about the Xterra as the glass rear hatch looks odd. But again, this is a prototype and things can change. Still, great show, great customs, great cars! Congrats to the winners of the contest and the special 510!

  3. The Nissan Xterra always had a plastic lift gate: the factory paints over the section on the gate where it is metal on the real vehicle. I believe the change on the Xterra will likely be the roof rack that will be part of the window trim. The 260Z is all new and looks like the two-seater version that Matchbox never made back in the 1970’s (they made the 260Z 2+2 and the 280ZX with larger rear wheels).

  4. Any possibility that the Nissan Leaf will be released in late 2017? I’m aware that not everyone is open to the idea of non-generic Matchbox vehicles being sold on eBay considering the cost factor but especially since distribution of up to date Matchbox items are an issue in many nations what other choice is there? (at least if there are those who are registered on eBay).

  5. This might sound a bit odd but I forgot to point out in my previous comment that it be swell if by some miracle a customer (a store or an eBay customer) is able to purchase in this case the MBX Nissan Leaf prior to Christmas even though it’s not my plan to purchase this die cast hatchback for Christmas however I’m certain that it would make an ideal Xmas present for some Matchbox fan (whether it’s a kid or an adult who is a fan of this vehicle).Just saying.

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