($uper) Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels 36-count Kmart Exclusive Q Case

Kdays is here.  Tomorrow, what’s left of the US Kmarts that aren’t closed or liquidating will hold the Hot Wheels Collectors Event.  Others in the areas in the hurricane-affected areas will hold it on October 7th.

That means there are not a lot of Kmarts out there holding the event.  A few years ago, there were at least 6 within 20 minutes of me.  Now the closest one is 4 hours away.  A bummer to be sure.

Thankfully, Kmart makes the exclusive cases available online.  And that is what arrived today.  In fact three arrived.  The exclusive RX7 will do that to you.  Two of the cases, an AQA and AQB, I opened on the YouTube Channel.

I saved the third for a Case Report.  And what a case it was.

So here you go.  A 2017 Hot Wheels Kmart 36-count Q Case, opened 3-by-3.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Well that was a nice surprise.  In case you missed it:


The Nissan Fairlady Z Super.  That is the second time I have pulled a Super in a Kmart case I ordered.  The first?  The 2014 Q Case Super, the 510 Wagon.  I’ll take it.

As nice as the Super find is, it was the red Mazda RX7 that had me most excited for this case.  Such a cool model, and now so tough to get as a Kmart exclusive.  It makes you buy three cases just to get a few.


The things we collectors do.

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  1. Awesome hotwheels k-day Case’s unboxing video and congrats on getting the Nissan fairlady Z super treasure hunt congrats again thumbs up. I will be looking for all of those tomorrow at my Kmart thumbs up.

  2. Kmart in Easton and Wind Gap PA had tons of red 95 RX7s…near the registers at both store for my fellow PA/NJ collectors. Overall a good haul today…just no Fairlady to be seen.

  3. For my son (who is now 21) and I, K-Mart Collector Events have been a regular thing for the past ten years or so. We’ve attended the same K-Mart near my childhood home for all of these events and have met some really interesting people, some nice and some idiots over the years. This past Saturday, we were set to meet at the same store at 9:00 AM as usual. My son has moved out and was thinking about going to the store closer to his home, but I had convinced him to go to the regular store.

    So I get to the store first and notice a going out of business sign above the doors. After entering the store I quickly found out that there was no event there that morning and called my son who was almost there. After several obscenities, I said let’s meet at the other store closer to his house. At least we could get some of the leftovers and exclusive event cars.

    We arrive at the other store about 9:20. Everyone had been called to open a box by this time and we had to wait for 2 people who had tickets and didn’t get to open their own box to look through the stuff before they opened it up for everyone to get what they wanted. Long story short, we ended up finding 3 Regular Treasure Hunts, all the exclusive event cars, and the Advan Datsun 240Z Super Treasure Hunt. All AFTER everyone else looked through the cars.

    The only thing I was missing was the event poster, so I told my son I could just order one on E-Bay. After conversing with another father and son in the checkout line, this man offered me one of his posters, as he had two.

    Absolutely unbelievable…one of the true highlights of a 30 year diecast collecting experience!

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