Here are photos of all the 2018 New Models Matchbox previewed this summer.

I thought I would create this quick post for everyone’s reference as we move into the 2018 Matchbox year.

Typically, during the Matchbox Gathering of Friends held in July, I take a few minutes to photograph the preview models the Matchbox Team brings.  Instead of doing that this year, I put together a video allowing Designer Abe Lugo to give his thoughts on each.  I think that is even better, considering all the inevitable model and design changes that will happen over the next year.

But you guys sell want photos.  So here are some screenshots of every model previewed in the video.  All for your reference.  If you click on the photo, a larger image will appear.  Scroll up and you can see how to download it.  Enjoy.


11 Replies to “Here are photos of all the 2018 New Models Matchbox previewed this summer.”

  1. Yes thank you John for the photos, I find them far easier to digest than a video 🙂
    A fantastic selection, even most of the generic castings look appealing and more importantly believable!! All we need now is for ASDA to relinquish their exclusive deal to sell Matchbox here in the UK and let other retailers do a much better job eg. Morrisons.

    1. Agreed on the photos vs video. I much prefer to read words and look at photos than watch videos. Thanks for the post.

  2. Love the photos and the video is great because you brought in someone directly involved. The photos are great because you can really go over every cast and see how really great most are going to be. 2018 a big step forward for MBX.

    1. Of course the really old truck is a Diamond T. I’m excited to see something like that, but not sure the build quality will be high enough to pull it off.

  3. A nice reminder of all the good stuff coming…it’s hard to pick favorites, but the Jag, Wagoneer, Diamond T, and MGB are some of the most exciting for me.

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